CNMC-E8P Spray Foam Machine
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CNMC-E8P Spray Foam Machine

Designed specifically for new no-heat foam insulation formulations, the CNMC-E8p foam spray equipment produces an air-seal solution that's in demand by homeowners who want to make their homes more energy-efficient.

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CNMC-E8P Spray Foam Machine 

Technical specifications

Power source:230v/110v single phase,50/60HZ

Whole power:4KW

Heater power:1kw each side

Driven mode:Electric

Air source:1kw air compressor or less

Chemical output:4-6kg/min

Maximum output pressure:13.8MPa

A and B chemical output ratio:1:1

Max hose support :15 meters 

Machine size :800*700*1150mm


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Best choice for portability and high-quality foam

  • Haul it in your van or pickup truck

  • Easy to move up and down stairs

  • Telescoping handle and wheels makes it easy to maneuver at the job site

  • Home electric plug 

  • Weighs just 70kg

  • Easy to read pressure gauges ensure you're spraying on-ratio and delivering high-quality foam

  • An economical alternative to froth kits

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