CNMC-ZJ Fiberglass Spray Machine
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CNMC-ZJ Fiberglass Spray Machine

CNMC-ZJ fiberglass spray equipment is used to apply the resin and fiber on work piece
surface simultaneously. glass fiber spray machine is the modern technology to save resin consumption and
labor cost compare to hand lay-up technology, which is widely used for FRP or GRP
product in mass production.
  • Hightop-CNMC-ZJ

CNMC-ZJ Fiberglass Spray Machine

Fiberglass spray machine cnmc-zj

Standard Nozzle: 1.4 mm

 2.5L-6L/min spray resin .

Operating Pressure: 45 to 60 PSI (3.0 to 4.0 bar)

Pattern Width:  (200 to 500 mm)

Air Consumption: Above 23cfm .

Heavy Duty Pressure Feed Paint Tank Specifications:

Clamp on Lid with Gasket

Fluid pressure regulator with gauge

 Paint Tank Operating Pressure: Optimal 25-30 PSI

 Hose Assembly: 15 meters Hoses

 Air inlet: 16mm Fluid inlet: 3/8"

 Air Pressure Relief Valve for Safety

fiberglass spray equipment

 spray on fiberglass

Gravity Fed Catalyst System

Keeps the catalyst pump primed

Air Motor

Shortened stroke on pump for better pattern
Industry proven for reliability

Balanced Air Motor

Provides same output pressure on upstroke and downstroke
Results in more consistent spray pattern
Stable, Lightweight Cart

Easy to maneuver