CNMC3000 Rock Wool Spray Machine
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CNMC3000 Rock Wool Spray Machine

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  • CNMC-3000

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CNMC3000 Rock wool spray machine is with a compact structure, powerful spraying ability, precise flow control, wool / Adhesive / Wind frequency stepless deployment to meet the different head due to spraying operations, the amount of spray wool different requirements;

All electrical appliances are with CE certified components, independent distribution cabinet internal design, all pipeline

connections, are using professional quick access device, the design more humane and professional, safe, reliable and convenient;

Design with four corners of the appearance of anti-collision protection bar, as well as the side of the visible lines, accompanied by black and red anti-corrosion spray paint surface.

岩棉喷涂机 (3)

Size  950*650*1170mm
Weight  210kg
Power source 380v 3 phase
Power  7.5kw
Hose  30 meters 
Working pressure 1.5-3MPA
岩棉喷涂机 (5)

岩棉喷涂机 (8)