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Shandong Hightop Group was invited by the Tai'an Municipal Government to participate in the Taishan Industry Fair
On April 21, the first Taishan Industrial Exhibition kicked off at the Taishan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Taishan Industrial Exhibition adopts the "Trinity" model, that is, the "online platform, fixed exhibition hall, and offline exhibition" model. The promotion of the indus
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Research on Polyurethane Rigid Foam Industry in 2021
o provide the security industry with important information such as development scale, speed, industrial concentration, product structure, ownership structure, regional structure, product prices, benefit status, etc., and for the security industry to study and predict the development trend of securit
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How to choose materials for farm insulation? What is the effect of polyurethane in the insulation room?
1. Site selection skills  The location of the thermal insulation house of the breeding farm should be a place with a leeward wind and sunny, high terrain and dry soil.   2. Alternative insulation materials for the insulation room of the farmExtruded polystyrene foam (extruded board), molded polystyr
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What are the classifications of high-pressure mixing spraying machinery for thermal insulation materials
What are the classifications of high-pressure mixing spraying machinery for thermal insulation materials1. The important role of the on-site polyurethane high-pressure mixed foam external wall insulation systemPolyurethane rigid foam external wall insulation system is a kind of external wall insulat
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Do you know polyurethane foaming machine
is mostly used in building boards and insulation walls, mainly for heat preservation and waterproofing. The equipment used to complete the polyurethane foaming process is a polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine.The overall layout of the polyurethane foaming machine fully considers the use of sp
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