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What does the polyurethane spraying machine mean?
Timing refers to the specified time, and quantitative refers to the number of specifications. The fixed quantitative polyurethane spraying machine sprays the specified amount of polyurethane within the specified time. The program control of the pouring equipment is very accurate, continuous and rapi
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Application of spraying machine in the Chinese market
With the development of technology and society. Polyurethane spraying machines are also constantly developing and producing higher quality products. From manual foaming to low-pressure spraying machines to the current high-pressure spraying machines, they are also constantly updated and upgraded, co
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Anticorrosive coatings of several polyurea spraying machines on the surface of objects
Polyurea spray equipment is usually used in construction, mainly because polyurea has a strong anti-corrosion effect. Has a certain adhesion and strength. In order to improve the adhesion of the coating, it is necessary to strictly control the substrate used and improve it if necessary, so the polyu
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What is a cold fog machine?
The cold fog machine was once called the normal temperature fog machine, which is relatively speaking with the hot fog machine. It uses high-pressure air generated by an air compressor to form a high-speed rotating airflow through a pneumatic atomizing nozzle. The liquid medicine is formed into tiny
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Features of polyurethane spraying machine equipment
Polyurethane is a heat-insulating and waterproof coating. In buildings, its heat insulation and waterproof functions are widely used. Polyurethane spraying machine is a high-pressure polyurethane spraying equipment, because the material of the high-pressure spraying equipment collides and rotates vi
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