CNMC-D Polyurethane Injection Machine
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CNMC-D Polyurethane Injection Machine

CNMC-D portable pu foam injection machine, It is for solar water heaters,tank insulation, cabin, insulation board, security doors, refrigerators, pipes, road construction, packaging, it can accurate to 2ml per second .
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CNMC-D  Polyurethane Injection Machine 

Power source:230v/110v single phase,50/60HZ

Whole power:7.5KW

Heater power:3kw each side

Driven mode:Pneumatic

Air source:more than 0.9cub meter/min,8bar

Chemical output:2-12kg/min

Maximum output pressure:13.8MPa

A and B chemical output ratio:1:1

Max hose support :15 meters 

Machine size :800*700*1150mm


portable pu foam injection machine

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