High pressure microcomputer control polyurethane injection machine
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High pressure microcomputer control polyurethane injection machine

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Adopting high precision Bent-axial type piston variable pump ,accurate measurement ,stable operation .

The high precision self-cleaning high pressure mix head ,high pressure injection ,impingement mixing ,extremely high mixing uniformity,no scrap ,free cleaning and maintenance .Made by high pressure material ,service life more than 300000 times.

A and B material pressure needle valves will be locked after balancing ,which ensure no pressure difference difference between two component.

Magnetic coupling coupler with high-tech permanent control interlock function

Applicable viscosityPolyol 2000 MPa·S
Pouring time0.1-99.9s
Pouring pressure8-12 Mpa
Power consumption22kw
Metering pumpAccurate adjustment by handwheel
Pressure protectionOnce the pouring pressure is over the preset value, the machine will be stopped
with alarm.
CalibrationIn head with suitable cycle
Hydraulic unitIntegrated hydraulic station.
Oil tank:30 L
Valves: check valve, overflow valve, safety valve, reversing valve
pressure gauge
hydraulic pump:2.5M
Mix headLinear mix head, high pressure, high accuracy, intensive mixing, self-cleaning
Tanks for Polyol&ISOJacketed and pressurized tank with removable lids
Exhaust valve, draw off valve
Working pressure:0.3-0.5 Mpa
Per:150L total volume:2*150L
Heater: electric resistant heater 3kw×2
Digital display for temperature control
PipelineAll hoses and pipes are chosen according to property of polyurethane.
High pressure resistant.
Total Length: 8m
Auto-feed systemHigh efficiency gear pump for auto-feed of Polyol & Isocyanates
Polyol feed pump& Iso feed pump are controlled independently
Feed pipes are equipped with filtration system