Low Pressure Flexible PU Foam Injection Machine
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Low Pressure Flexible PU Foam Injection Machine


Suitable for production of polyurethane pillow ,steering wheel ,bumper ,self-skin ,high resilience ,slow rebound ,toys ,fitness equipment ,insulation layer ,bicycle cushion ,rigid foam ,cold storage panel ,medical equipment,elastomer ,shoe sole ect

Discharge rate 50-250g/s
50-250g/s 20-60 ℃
Viscosity of poyol Poyol 500-2000mPa•s

Isocyanate 10-1000mPa•s
Pouring time: 0.01-99.9 (accuracy 0.01s)
Casting program automatically: 99

Manually: 10
power : 3×380V/50Hz(AC)

Mixing way: rotary valve forms

Agitation mixing and motor drive
Rocker arm According to customer

Horizontal range of movement

180° Move up and down flexibly
Rotary and motor 1.5kW
The spring balancer HW-60
Cleaning way MC cleaning , component residues and cleaning agent through the
compressed air
MC tank: 15L, stainless steel

Air blast, liquid washing through the solenoid valve control

Visual level gauge, safety valve, pressurized valve

Air manual discharge

Purge pressure:0.15MPa


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