Pneumatic Transfer Pump
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Pneumatic Transfer Pump

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Pneumatic Transfer Pump

Technical Parameters:
Pressure ratio: 3:1
External diameter: 32mm
Material Flow: 0~18L/min
Working pressure:0.1-1.0 Mpa
Air Consumption: 250L/Min
Air inlet: one fourth
Oil-outlet port: a half
Pump body Material: Precision steel connecting tube, the pump head is aluminum
Intake pressure: 0.3~ 0.8 Mpa
Seal Ring: corrosion-resistant, made with PTFE, high temperature resistance
Glyd Ring: PTFE plus copper powder, with great sealing, wear-resisting
Oil Suction tube length: Standard 880mm (can be customized) for 180-220L barrels
Total length:1280mm