CNMC-V6T Polyurea Spray Machine
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CNMC-V6T Polyurea Spray Machine

Certification Patent,Multi-function, multi-purpose,Touch screen control system,One key start and stop,Counting function,Low temperature protection,Winter/summer heating mode,Hydraulic drive,Imported accessories,Normal construction in cold season.
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1.Certification Patent

The company through the high-tech, ISO9001 international quality system certification; products through the EU CE certification; with more than 20 national patents, advanced technology, quality assurance.

2.Multi-function, multi-purpose

It can be used for polypropylene spraying, hard foam polyurethane spraying, all-water polyurethane spraying, polyurethane pouring and other materials.

3. Touch screen control system

7-inch touch screen monitor, PLC programming system, you can choose different raw materials work mode, simple, fast operation, high degree of intelligence.

High degree of intelligence.

4.One key start and stop

Click on the automatic operation, you can complete the heating of raw materials, start the hydraulic station, start the machine, etc., to achieve the working conditions of the machine automatically run; click on the shutdown, the machine stops heating, stops the hydraulic station automatically stops to reset state.

5.Counting function

Automatically record the number of times the machine runs, timely understanding of the amount of raw materials used.

6. Low temperature protection

During the automatic operation of the machine, when the temperature of the raw materials does not meet the working requirements, the machine will stop running temporarily to avoid the phenomenon of uneven mixing caused by the low temperature.

Avoid the phenomenon of uneven mixing due to low temperature.

7. Winter/summer heating mode

You can choose different heating modes according to the different temperatures of seasons and construction environments, which makes the heating mode more reasonable, precise heating and high heat utilisation.

Heating block, high heat utilisation rate.

8.Hydraulic drive

Hydraulic station provides output kinetic energy, high pressure stability, strong power, not affected by the season.

9.Imported accessories

Adopt original imported plunger pump, solenoid valve, good kinetic energy conversion rate, stable performance, durable.

10. Normal construction in cold season

Host single-side heater 6-cylinder heating, pipeline enforcement using 3500W isolation transformer, high power, high efficiency, uniform heating


Polyurea spray machine

Drive type

hydraulically driven



Single side pressure


Power supply

Three phase three wire 380V

Ratio of raw material


Total power


Raw material output


Heating power


Insulation pipeline

Support 105M

Transformer power


Net weight of mainframe