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Disinfection Sprayer

A list of these Disinfection Sprayer articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Disinfection Sprayer, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
Where to buy disinfection spray
Indoor disinfection spray can be bought in general large supermarkets or online. Attention should be paid to household disinfection:Put the furniture indoors, open drawers, cabinet doors, close doors and windows, and use fumigation and spray disinfection in the living room for disinfection.The pneum
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How to use disinfection sprayer
1. The use and maintenance of knapsack agricultural sprayers1. Choose knapsack agricultural manual or electric sprayer;2. Check whether each connector of the sprayer is tightened, add water to test spray, check the air tightness for leaks, and spray water into mist;3. Determine the type, concentrati
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Disinfection sprayer operation tutorial sharing
The method of using disinfection sprayer needs to be mastered. In this type of disinfection appliance, there are many styles of sprayers. If even the method of using the disinfection sprayer is not clear, it will not be able to disinfect. Therefore, if you don't learn how to use disinfection sprayer
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Precautions for the use and maintenance of disinfection sprayers
消毒目的和意义:传染病消毒是用物理或化学方法消灭停留在不同的传播媒介物上的病原体,藉以切断传播途径,阻止和控制传染的发生。 消毒喷雾器的使用常用的喷雾器种类有:手提式、背负式、车载式、机动式等。本篇主要介绍背负式和机动式喷雾器的使用和维护保养。 背负式喷雾器的使用: 1.安装:按照使用说明书将各部分装合,安装时注意各部分的安装位置。塑料喷雾器各连接部位不要旋得过紧,以免破裂。 2.试喷:在液桶内加少量清水,打气到一定压力试喷,检查各连接处是否漏气、漏水,喷雾是否正常。 3.装样液:将配好的样液过滤后倒入桶内,样液不能超过标准线,以保持桶内有一定的空间储存压缩气体。
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Shandong Hightop Group conducts all-round disinfection work for Aile Kindergarten in Jining High-tech Zone for free The Spring Festival in 2021 is approaching. In order to effectively eliminate the virus and prevent the spread of the epidemic, Shandong Hightop Group launched a public welfare activit
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