How to use disinfection sprayer
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How to use disinfection sprayer

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1. The use and maintenance of knapsack agricultural sprayers

1. Choose knapsack agricultural manual or electric sprayer;

2. Check whether each connector of the sprayer is tightened, add water to test spray, check the air tightness for leaks, and spray water into mist;

3. Determine the type, concentration and dosage of the disinfectant according to the purpose of disinfection, the object and the size of the space;

4. If you choose a solid disinfectant, filter to remove the residue after preparing the solution, mix it evenly, and then put it into the disinfection bucket;

5. The solution put into the sprayer cannot exceed the specified scale line;

6. Close the cover and tighten it;

7. When the pressure in the pressurized air barrel reaches enough or the electric sprayer is fully charged before use, unscrew the spray lever valve to spray disinfection on the disinfection object;

8. After disinfection, scrub with clean water to remove the residual disinfectant and sediment in the sprayer, spray the pipeline drug with clean water, wipe it clean and dry, and reserve it, and charge the electric sprayer in time;

9. The main parts of the sprayer that are prone to failure are: nozzles, valves, sealing rubber rings, and nozzles, which should be replaced in time.

2. Configuration and use of disinfectant

1. Example: effervescent tablets (trichloroisocyanuric acid) containing chlorine disinfectant (effective chlorine content 500mg/tablet)

Surface disinfection: spray with 250mg/L chlorine disinfectant (1 effervescent tablet in 2 kg of water) for more than 30 minutes. Spray evenly, and the spray can be wet.

Ground disinfection: spray with 500mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant (1 effervescent tablet in 1 kg of water) for more than 30 minutes. Spray in place without missing spray, and the ground should be noticeably wet or a small amount of accumulation.

2. For other disinfectants, please use them according to the instructions.

3. Personal protection standards and putting on and taking off

1. Personal protective equipment: ordinary medical masks, work clothes, work shoes or rain boots, rubber gloves, work caps.

2. The order of wearing protective equipment

Wear a mask→wear a hat→wear work clothes/isolation gowns→wear protective goggles/face masks→wear waterproof work shoes or rain boots→rubber gloves, and put the gloves on the cuffs of the protective clothing.

3. Sequence of removing protective equipment

Rubber gloves → protective goggles/face masks → overalls → hats → work shoes or rain boots → ordinary medical masks.

Four, disinfection precautions

1. Before use, you must fully understand the nature of the disinfectant, how to use it, and precautions;

2. The weight of disinfectant and water should be required during preparation;

3. It is better to use the prepared disinfectant on the same day, do not use the disinfectant that has been prepared for a long time;

4. Don't mix two or more disinfectants casually;

5. Chlorine-containing disinfectant is highly corrosive. After disinfecting the surface of metal and textile objects, wipe and clean with clean water and linen cloth.

6. Wash hands, face, and disinfect after disinfection, and make a record of disinfection;

7. When removing the mask, do not touch the front of the mask with your hands, and take off the straps from the back;

8. After use, personal protection and other articles should be put into yellow garbage bags or garbage bags and brought back for unified disposal.