Disinfection sprayer operation tutorial sharing
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Disinfection sprayer operation tutorial sharing

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The method of using disinfection sprayer needs to be mastered. In this type of disinfection appliance, there are many styles of sprayers. If even the method of using the disinfection sprayer is not clear, it will not be able to disinfect. Therefore, if you don't learn how to use disinfection sprayers, it is better not to use this kind of disinfection equipment lightly.

Regarding the use of disinfection sprayers, the general types of disinfection sprayers that people often see are generally portable sprayers, knapsack sprayers, vehicle-mounted sprayers or motorized sprayers, etc., but each style of sprayer needs to be mastered. method.

The common use methods of disinfection sprayer generally have the following steps, which need to be understood and mastered, and must not violate its basic operating steps:

1. Installation of sprayer

Each sprayer is equipped with an instruction manual, which clearly explains the installation position of each part that should be paid attention to when installing the sprayer. However, all the connecting parts of the plastic disinfection sprayer are tightened too tightly to avoid rupture of the parts.

2. Test spray after installation

Put a small amount of clean water in the liquid bucket first, inflate and pressurize for a test spray, the purpose is to check whether there is water leakage or air leakage at each connection of the sprayer, and whether the spray can be achieved normally.

3. Liquid and pump up

Put the configured disinfectant into the liquid tank through the clean dirt filter, but be sure not to add more than the standard line marked in the liquid tank, so as not to be overfilled by the filling, and there is no storage in the liquid tank. The air space cannot be pumped and pressurized. When pumping up the sprayer, grasp or stabilize the pump body. And tighten it, there should be no leakage of water or air. The pumping and pressurization should be moderate. When you feel that the storage air space left in the tank is full of gas, you can stop pumping.

4. Implement spraying operations

In the process of spraying, it is necessary to control and adjust the regulating valve on the spray rod in the sprayer. The spray state should not be sprayed too large or too small, and it can be used to disinfect the environment.

The use of disinfection sprayer should also pay attention to the implementation of the operation, the sprayer should be placed in a cool and dry place to prevent being exposed to the sun or high temperature environment, so as not to damage the gaskets responsible for sealing on the sprayer, affect the next use or damage it. Service life.