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Electric sprayer

If you want to know more about the Electric sprayer, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Electric sprayer industry. More news about Electric sprayer, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Electric sprayer information!
What should be paid attention to in the dispensing of electric sprayer?
The electric sprayer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, few failures, easy maintenance, low price, stable pressure, long operation time, wide application range and so on. There are many herbicide formulations, and different formulations have different formulation methods.
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How to extend the life of electric sprayer?
Electric sprayers are favored by more and more vegetable farmers because of their convenient use and high work efficiency, and have now become the main tool for pest control in greenhouses. However, the manufacturers of electric sprayers are relatively "delicate". Once they are improperly operated a
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Reasons for insufficient pressure of electric sprayer
1、异物堵塞滤网或管道,如小滤网中吸入太多杂物后,则阻碍水泵的吸水量,使电动喷雾器的雾化时大时小。在过滤网堵塞或是喷口有异物,会造成水泵压力过度却喷雾时雾化不良。一般情况是喷头堵塞的多,可更换喷头。 2、使用一段时间后,阀芯阀座因空载运行或有杂物摩擦,造成密封面磨损或堵塞,则阀门无法正常开合。请先检查阀芯弹簧是否断裂。 3、排除上述原因后,很大程度上是轴承运动件磨损大了,与轴承偏心配合不佳,电机动力不能有效的传递到膜片上。更换运动件后压力可正常,一般会有如下两个现象:压力不是突然变小的;噪声也变了小了。 现在大家对于电动喷雾器压力不足的原因
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Sharing of battery maintenance methods for electric sprayers
Normal maintenance is also very important. Under normal circumstances, the electric sprayer needs to be charged immediately after use. Some people forget to charge it in time after using it. Maintenance is also very important, it determines the service life of the electric sprayer.Maintenance of the
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Why can't the electric sprayer be charged?
We all know that the electric sprayer needs to be charged. If it cannot be charged, it cannot be used normally. There are two reasons for this situation. One is that the internal wire connection of the charger jack is damaged; the other is because of moisture or The short circuit causes the battery
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