How to extend the life of electric sprayer?
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How to extend the life of electric sprayer?

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Electric sprayers are favored by more and more vegetable farmers because of their convenient use and high work efficiency, and have now become the main tool for pest control in greenhouses. However, the manufacturers of electric sprayers are relatively "delicate". Once they are improperly operated and maintained in time, they are prone to failure. How to maintain it to prolong the service life of the sprayer?

First of all, check whether each connection is leaking when it is officially used for the first time. When using, first install the water test spray, and then install the agent. When adding the medicine, add the medicine first and then add the water, and the liquid level of the medicine liquid should not exceed the safe water level line. Before spraying, turn on the electric sprayer in advance, so that the air pressure in the barrel rises to the working pressure to ensure smooth spraying.

Secondly, after the sprayer is used, first clean the barrel, hose, spray rod and other parts of the electric sprayer, and pay special attention to remove the grease on the pump and the soil in the concave bottom of the liquid barrel. Because most pesticides have a certain corrosive effect on the sprayer, after it is disabled, it should be washed with alkaline water in time, and then rinsed with clean water. Especially after spraying with more corrosive pesticides such as Bordeaux mixture, it is better to soak in alkaline water for 1-2 hours. Be careful to prevent rust. All removable parts must be removed and cleaned. The inner pipe wall of the spray rod and spray head should be smeared with oil to avoid moisture and rust.

In addition, the core components of the electric sprayer are the diaphragm pump and battery of the electric sprayer. Although there are several types of pumps on the market today, these pumps are all afraid of clogging. Therefore, it is necessary to use clean water to brew the medicine. When adding water, a small filter must be used to filter it to prevent clogging.