Reasons for insufficient pressure of electric sprayer
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Reasons for insufficient pressure of electric sprayer

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1. Foreign matter blocks the filter screen or pipeline. If too much debris is sucked in the small filter screen, it will hinder the water absorption of the water pump, making the atomization time of the electric sprayer large or small. If the filter is clogged or there is a foreign body in the nozzle, it will cause the pump pressure to be excessive but the atomization is not good when spraying. Generally, the nozzles are clogged and the nozzles can be replaced.

2. After using for a period of time, the valve core and valve seat will not be able to open and close normally because of no-load operation or friction of debris, causing the sealing surface to wear or block. Please check if the spool spring is broken.

3. After eliminating the above reasons, it is largely because the moving parts of the bearing are worn out, and the eccentricity of the bearing is not well matched, and the power of the motor cannot be effectively transmitted to the diaphragm. The pressure can be normal after replacing the moving parts. Generally, there will be two phenomena as follows: the pressure does not suddenly become smaller; the noise also becomes smaller.

Now everyone knows the reason for the insufficient pressure of the electric sprayer? After knowing the reason, you can judge and solve it according to your actual situation.