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Shandong handsome guy resigned from a high-paying job and sold excavators online, with an annual sales of 140 million!
In 2021, despite the more complicated international situation, with the spillover of China's manufacturing capabilities and comprehensive national strength, the scale of my country's cross-border e-commerce will reach 1.98 trillion yuan, out of a high growth rate of 15%, and usher in a historical di
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What should be paid attention to in the dispensing of electric sprayer?
The electric sprayer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, few failures, easy maintenance, low price, stable pressure, long operation time, wide application range and so on. There are many herbicide formulations, and different formulations have different formulation methods.
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Do you know the role of polyurethane high pressure spraying machine in roof waterproofing and thermal insulation?
1. Unique impermeability:Rigid foam is a dense microcellular foam with a closed cell rate of more than 92% and a smooth self-skin. It is an excellent anti-seepage material.The rigid foam layer has no joints and is completely impermeable to water, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of roo
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Problems that should be paid attention to before and after use of polyurea spraying equipment
Problems that should be paid attention to before and after use of polyurea spraying equipment:First of all, after spraying every day, or when changing the variety of spraying materials, the residual materials of spraying equipment and conveying pipelines should be removed, preferably once a day. The
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A brief introduction to the advantages of polyurethane spraying machine
As the name implies, with the rapid development of China's building energy saving market, polyurethane spraying equipment has been widely used in the field of building insulation and waterproofing, and the demand is increasing.
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