What are the types and uses of high pressure polyurethane sprayer?
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What are the types and uses of high pressure polyurethane sprayer?

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The common ones are high pressure spraying, polyurethane spraying, hybrid spraying, and polyurea spraying. The construction industry usually uses high pressure sprayers, mostly for industrial production.

High-pressure polyurethane spraying machine types:

1, from the material of the spraying material is divided into several types: hardware accessories anticorrosion spraying equipment, plastic material waterproof spraying equipment, pipe anticorrosion polyurea spraying equipment.

2, from the degree of automation is divided into: manual spraying equipment and automatic spraying equipment

3, from the oil spraying is divided into: paint spraying equipment water-based spraying equipment

High-pressure polyurethane spraying machine construction spraying reaction time is significantly faster than manual foaming, reaction speed is significantly reduced. Cream time is reduced by 2-5 seconds, fiber time is reduced by 15-25 seconds, non-stick duration is reduced by 15-25 seconds. The demolding time is advanced accordingly. Therefore, the reactivity requirements of the ingredients must be met on the high pressure foaming machine.

When handmade small bubbles adjust the ingredients, the reaction time should be shortened accordingly. The key reason is: the material temperature shown on the high-pressure foaming machine instrument is actually the temperature before the mixing head. Temperature, the raw material into the mixing head, through the high-pressure collision mixing the mechanical energy into thermal energy. It is calculated that the material temperature can be increased by 7 degrees. In addition, the mixing effect far exceeds the effect of paddle mixing in handmade polyurethane foam. The mixing and refinement of raw material molecules will greatly accelerate the reaction process.

Applications in the sports industry plastic sports field (including soccer, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, runway paving), sportswear (dancewear, swimwear, dancewear); casual shoes, scooters. Construction site raw materials management methods polyurethane foaming principle is to use the blowing agent vaporization into the bubble hole, so that the bubble hole inside and outside the formation of pressure difference, so as to complete the polyurethane foam.

High-pressure polyurethane sprayer foaming process, so the content of the blowing agent and the reasonable level of application is also the core of the polyurethane foaming rate. Before the construction of the project, the foaming agent is mixed into the white material in a certain proportion. Since the blowing agent is an extremely volatile chemical substance, in the process of engineering and construction, if the temperature inside the container is too high due to environmental influences, the blowing agent inside the container will be damaged. A part of it starts to vaporize and turns into gas existing in the upper hollow space of the container or evaporates to the natural environment through the small holes on the container, resulting in the decrease of the content of blowing agent in the raw material.

Hydraulic polyurea spraying equipment is a new type of hydraulically driven high-pressure spraying system, the equipment pressurization system breaks the traditional vertical pull-type pressurization into a flat drive bidirectional pressurization.