Working principle of electrostatic sprayer
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Working principle of electrostatic sprayer

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The electrostatic sprayer is mainly composed of a handheld ultra-low-volume sprayer and a high-voltage electrostatic generator. Its working principle is to apply high-voltage static electricity. A high-voltage electrostatic field is formed between the spray head and the crop. When the liquid passes through the spray head, high-voltage static electricity is generated. After being sprayed from the spray head, it becomes electrostatically charged droplets. Under the action of the electrostatic field, the droplets move in a directional motion and spray evenly. The front and back sides of the leaves and the branches can uniformly absorb the droplets.

In order to meet the needs of pest control, pressure atomization and wind atomization are combined, and the strong airflow of the fan is used to send the medicine-containing mist to the remote place, and then the low-volume spray and electrostatic spray technology (electrostatic high pressure bag) are used to increase the fog. With drop adhesion performance, a high-efficiency electrostatic high-shot long-range sprayer suitable for agricultural vehicles has been successfully developed. Experiments show that the electrostatic sprayer has a horizontal range of up to 45m and a vertical range of up to 22m; the prevention and control operation speed is fast and the labor productivity is high; the spray rate is 3.24hm/h for high-shooting operation, and the pure spray rate for horizontal spraying is 39hm/h

The composition and system principle of the electrostatic sprayer:

The electrostatic sprayer system is mainly composed of a frame, a medicine tank, a liquid pump, a fan, a low-volume nozzle, an electrostatic system (electrostatic high voltage package) and a spray control system. The power of the whole machine is provided by a gasoline generator, and the rotation and swing of the fan, the start and stop of the fan, the start of the electrostatic system and the liquid medicine pump are controlled by the electrical control system.

The working principle of the system: Combine pressure atomization and wind atomization, and use the strong airflow of the fan to send the medicine-containing droplets to high places and far away, and then use low-volume spray and electrostatic spray technology to increase the droplet adhesion performance. Reduce pesticide loss.