Why choose polyurea spraying?
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Why choose polyurea spraying?

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Can you believe it? After spraying polyurea in the bamboo basket, the bamboo basket can be used to fetch water to make it drip-proof; after spraying polyurea on the outside of the watermelon, no damage can be seen even if it is dropped from the 15th floor.

That's right, polyurea, the "king of coatings", was once known as "the great discovery in the field of coating technology in the 20th century". Its appearance also made the spraying technology leap forward. From truck containers, park sculptures, to reservoir dams, traffic bridges and tunnels, and even my country's aerospace military industry, nuclear power and wind power, its advent covers all aspects of our lives.

Therefore, there are many reasons for choosing polyurea spraying!

1. Good thermal stability, 120℃;

2. Two-component, 100% solid content, does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC), environmentally friendly;

3. The prototype has good reproducibility, and the surface is smooth, continuous, seamless, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, and anti-scaling performance;

4. Excellent physical and chemical properties, such as tensile strength, elongation, flexibility, wear resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance;

5. It is not sensitive to humidity and temperature, and will not be affected by ambient temperature and humidity during construction. (Can be used on ice; can be used at -28°C; can be solidified in the freezer);

6. No catalyst, fast curing speed, can be sprayed on any curved, inclined and vertical surfaces without sagging. Gels in 5 seconds and reaches walking strength in 1 minute.

You must know that with the advancement of technology and the vigorous development of green industries, high-quality and high-efficiency products will always be welcomed by the market, while low-end and backward products will gradually be replaced.