What is the importance of polyurethane insulation
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What is the importance of polyurethane insulation

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In recent years, China has made innovations in wall insulation materials, especially civil engineering exterior wall insulation systems, exterior wall decoration fire protection systems, etc., and proposed the combination and selection of high-performance insulation materials, but they have achieved certain levels of wall insulation. Reinforcement effect. In spite of its function, the insulation structure of the wall presents a risk of stability, and the "flammability" of traditional pipe wall insulation is dangerous and may cause a fire. The outer wall polyurethane foaming machine has urethane-based insulation materials that are flame-retardant and flame-retardant, and can play a role in heat and fire resistance in high-rise buildings, and exhibit excellent heat insulation and energy saving effects.

Polyurethane rigid foam is abbreviated as polyurethane rigid foam, which is a mixture of two chemical raw materials (material A and material B) and forms rigid foam through chemical reaction of polyurethane spraying machine equipment. Material A-organic isocyanate, material B-polyol (polyether polyol) plus blowing agent, catalyst, flame retardant, etc. Materials A and B are pressurized and heated by the polyurethane foaming machine for the exterior wall, and then sent to the mixing chamber of the spray gun through the thermal insulation pipeline, and sprayed with compressed air on the surface that needs thermal insulation to instantly foam to form a rigid foam.

The external wall polyurethane foaming machine spray system has a strong bonding force and can be firmly bonded to the surface of concrete, wood, steel, asphalt, rubber, etc. So what are the advantages of the polyurethane external wall spray system technology?

1.Good flame retardancy: 3S ignites, carbonizes, and does not melt.

2. Good waterproof performance: As the sealing rate is greater than 90%, it has excellent waterproof function.

3. Dimensional stability is less than 1%, with certain toughness, elongation is greater than 5%, no cracking.

4. Integral sealing, seamless bonding without cavity, suitable for bases of various shapes; effectively improve the heat preservation effect.

5. Good thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity can reach 0.017-0.022w/m.k, and each centimeter of thickness is equivalent to the thermal insulation effect of 40cm red brick.

6, density and ge; 35kg/m3, compressive strength> 300Kpa, tensile strength> 400Kpa, strong wind resistance, can withstand the appearance of 30kg/m2 without falling off.

Bubbles sprayed at an ambient temperature of 15°C are more than 25% smaller than bubbles sprayed at an ambient temperature of 25°C, so we have made a comparison, so the atomization cost at this time will increase significantly. The exterior wall polyurethane foaming machine further reduces the spraying cost, and it will definitely be more cost-effective to choose the right temperature to build the polyurethane sprayed insulation material. After all, because the chemical reaction temperature of the product in the device is constant, and the environmental temperature that affects its reaction rate is the key, the spray structure needs to better control the change of the environmental temperature.