What is polyurethane spraying, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
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What is polyurethane spraying, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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1. What is polyurethane spraying?

Polyurethane spraying technology is based on isocyanate and polyether as the main raw materials. Under the action of various additives such as blowing agent, catalyst, flame retardant, etc., through the use of special network equipment and mixing, the high-pressure spraying construction site is foamed. Into a high molecular weight polymer. Rigid polyurethane foam is a new type of biosynthetic research material developed with good thermal insulation and waterproof system functions. Its thermal conductivity coefficient is low, only 0.022~0.024W/(m².k). It is equivalent to half of the extruded board, which is the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient of all building insulation engineering materials in my country. Polyurethane spray flame retardant grades B1 and B2 can be used.

 Rigid polyurethane foam is generally foamed at room temperature, and its molding process is relatively simple. In our refrigeration industry, rigid polyurethane foam is generally used for spraying.

 Black material and white material: The scientific name of black material is polyisocyanate. Because it is a black viscous liquid, it is commonly called black material. Among them, MD is a kind of polyisocyanate, which is used in the production of refrigerator polyurethane foam.

 The white substance is a white viscous liquid. In the industrial production of refrigerator polyurethane foam, it is usually mixed with polyether polyol and catalyst foam stabilizer.

The application of polyurethane spraying and the characteristics of product development

Polyurethane spraying is widely used in various industries, mainly in our refrigeration and HVAC industries:

Spray insulation for external cold storage;

Cold storage board insulation;

Solar insulation; refrigerator and freezer insulation; refrigerator container insulation;

Cold storage insulation we usually use polyurethane sandwich double-sided color steel cold storage insulation board, or directly spray the polyurethane facade on the wall for insulation. In southeastern my country, polyurethane sandwich double-sided color steel insulation panels account for the vast majority, while in the northwest, polyurethane vertical spraying accounts for the vast majority.