What does the polyurethane spraying machine mean?
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What does the polyurethane spraying machine mean?

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Timing refers to the specified time, and quantitative refers to the number of specifications. The fixed quantitative polyurethane spraying machine sprays the specified amount of polyurethane within the specified time. The program control of the pouring equipment is very accurate, continuous and rapid construction.

The multi-station construction efficiency of the timing and quantitative polyurethane spraying machine is high

Timing and quantitative polyurethane spraying machine has a wide range of uses, such as polyurethane spraying between layers of heat insulation pipes, the middle layer of anti-theft doors, aluminum alloy profiles, heat insulation pipes, etc.

The dimensional stability of polyurethane thermal insulation spray foam refers to the irreversible dimensional changes in three-dimensional directions perpendicular to each other after the material is placed in a specific environment for a certain period of time. The magnitude of this change is related to the type and structure of rigid polyurethane foam. Density, molding conditions and other factors related to the thermal conductivity of the polyurethane rigid foam at the initial stage of molding have low thermal conductivity. After 24 hours, as the aging time increases, the cell structure gradually stabilizes, and its thermal conductivity also tends to stabilize. The reason is that in the initial stage of molding, the air pressure in the bubbles and the content of blowing agent are relatively high. As the aging time increases, the thermal conductivity value tends to stabilize. Due to gas diffusion, polyurethane foams. The bubble structure gradually stabilized.

The application of fixed-quantity polyurethane spraying machine in the field of building energy saving is limited, mainly because its cost is higher than the cost of EPS and XPS insulation materials. The rigid foam polyurethane insulation material synthesized by isovalerate, triethanolamine, polyether, polyol and various additives was studied, and the influence of each reaction component on the performance of the insulation material was explored, thereby forming a better formula. Reduce synthesis costs.