What are the benefits of electrostatic sprayers
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What are the benefits of electrostatic sprayers

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The electrostatic sprayer is a new type of plant protection and disinfection equipment using modern electronic technology. Because it has a series of advantages such as medicine saving, water saving, labor saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and excellent killing effect.

1. Efficient application

Loading the electrostatic system on the sprayer can make the sprayer establish a suitable electrostatic field between the nozzle and the target. The nozzle sprays on the target, and its droplets are not only strongly absorbed on the front of the target, but also on the back and hidden parts. The killing effect is good, so that the electrostatic spray technology has been successfully applied to achieve high-efficiency pesticide application.

2. Environmental protection

The sprayed mist droplets are electrostatically charged and can be strongly attracted to the target near the nozzle. The mist droplets rarely drift in the air in the breeze, and will not fall on the target to the ground. Compared with the water source, which is basically pollution-free, the sprayer is a major breakthrough in environmental protection.

3. Energy saving

The electrostatic sprayer has realized the power scheme of using lithium battery as the power source on the basis of repeated efforts to reduce the energy consumption of the components, which greatly reduces the energy consumption, and the net weight of the whole machine is also reduced to half of the general sprayer, and the operation is light and convenient.

The composition and system principle of electrostatic sprayer

The electrostatic sprayer system is mainly composed of a frame, a medicine tank, a liquid pump, a fan, a low-volume nozzle, an electrostatic system (electrostatic high voltage package) and a spray control system. The power of the whole machine is provided by a gasoline generator, and the rotation and swing of the fan, the start and stop of the fan, the start of the electrostatic system and the liquid medicine pump are controlled by the electrical control system.

The working principle of the system: Combine pressure atomization and wind atomization, and use the strong airflow of the fan to send the medicine-containing droplets to high places and far away, and then use low-volume spray and electrostatic spray technology to increase the droplet adhesion performance. Reduce pesticide loss.