What are the application fields of polyurethane foaming machine?
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What are the application fields of polyurethane foaming machine?

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I believe you already know the polyurethane foaming machine very well. Do you know the application range of the polyurethane foaming machine? Today, the editor will introduce to you the application range of polyurethane foaming machine!

From the current stage, polyurethane foam has been widely used in various aspects. Flexible foam plastics are mainly used for furniture and tools in the transportation industry. Polyurethane materials are also widely used as various cushioning and sound-absorbing materials; rigid foam plastics are mainly used for electrical insulation boards, house wall insulation, moisture-proof spray foam, insulation pipes, Engineering building board, polyurethane foam can also be used for heat insulation of refrigerated transportation vehicles and freezers. In general, most automobile parts such as automobile dashboards and automobile steering wheels are rigid foams. We mainly sell foam plastic components (component premixes) of conventional specifications and models for (frozen) high-elastic foams and semi-rigid foams. Pouring and spraying of solid foam and rigid foam.

Polyurethane foam mechanical equipment can have high ductility, high compressive strength, good wear resistance, fatigue resistance and vibration resistance in the high strength range, so it is also called "wear-resistant rubber". Although the output of polyurethane elastomer in polyurethane products is small, polyurethane elastomer has excellent comprehensive properties and has been widely used in metallurgical industry, crude oil industry, trolley, smelting industry, water-saving engineering, textile, packaging and printing industry. Foaming In medical diagnosis and treatment and sports culture, with the continuous update of polyurethane foaming machines, foaming products are also used in food and petroleum processing engineering and construction industries.

Nowadays, many clothing manufacturers use PU leather as raw materials to make clothing. PU is the abbreviation of polyurethane in English. Many brands of bags also use organic chemical polyurethane, and most brands of bags use imported PU leather. The second layer of leather usually uses PU leather, also known as glass film cowhide. Because the surface is covered with PU epoxy resin, the price is more cost-effective and the utilization rate is higher. With the changes in processing technology, various products of various grades have been created, including imported double-layer cowhide. With its unparalleled processing technology, stable quality, and novel styles, it has established the status of high-end leather products at this stage.

PU leather and leather bags have their own characteristics. PU leather has beautiful appearance, easy to clean, low price, not easy to wear, and not easy to break. Cowhide is expensive and inconvenient to clean, but it is durable. So when choosing a product, you should choose according to your own needs!