What are the application areas of polyurethane spraying machines?
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What are the application areas of polyurethane spraying machines?

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I believe that many people want to know the scope of application of this equipment when they buy polyurethane spraying machines. Is the job they are engaged in suitable for using polyurethane spraying machines? In addition to the current work, can new use values be developed?

Here is a brief introduction to the wide range of applications of polyurethane spraying machines, let’s take a look~

1. Application of polyurethane spraying machine

The polyurethane high-pressure spraying machine has many performance advantages, such as large adjustable range, superior wear resistance, wide applicability, good sound permeability, strong adhesion, etc., so it can be used in a variety of industries.

Polyurethane spraying machines are widely used in buildings such as workshops, offices, hotels, farmer's markets, stadiums, civil residences, villas, board houses and modular cold storage, as well as in the fields of ships, vehicles, air conditioning, insulation, and decoration. Can produce all kinds of large, medium and small composite panels. The production rate is high and it is a very advanced production process.

Polyurethane spraying equipment is widely used in: building exterior wall insulation spraying, interior wall insulation spraying, cold storage insulation spraying, refrigerated car insulation spraying, car box sound insulation spraying, cabin insulation spraying, roof waterproof insulation spraying, tank anticorrosive insulation spraying, roof waterproofing Thermal insulation spraying, solar water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, etc.

Because the rigid polyurethane foam is in two liquids before molding, the two liquids are mixed during molding and become solid raw materials through the polyurethane spraying equipment, so the construction molding method is relatively flexible.

As long as the rigid polyurethane foam self-skin layer is not crushed, the construction period is not demanding. This is also a very good external wall insulation construction system.

Two, the matters needing attention when using

Although the equipment is excellent, the method of use is more important:

  1. The external thermal insulation construction of polyurethane rigid foam external walls should be incorporated into the overall construction organization design of the construction project;

2. The construction drawings of the polyurethane rigid foam external wall external insulation project should be reviewed, and technical clarifications should be made to the on-site construction workers;

3. The construction personnel should be assessed before the job, and only after passing the job can they start to work;

4. After the raw materials of the polyurethane rigid foam external wall external insulation system enter the construction site, they should enter the site for acceptance under the supervision of the supervision engineer, and take samples for re-inspection according to regulations;

5. Various raw materials should be stored separately, protected from rain, exposure, and fire, and should not be stored in the open air;

6. Before the construction of the external thermal insulation of rigid polyurethane foam external walls, a special construction organization design plan should be prepared and submitted to the general contracting technical department for approval;

7. Before construction, the wall surface area of the polyurethane rigid foam external wall external insulation project should be measured on the spot;

8. All measuring tools need to be checked and correct before operation can be carried out.

As a kind of polyurethane building material, the polyurethane rigid foam sheet of the polyurethane spraying machine is easy to form and has a high yield. It can achieve product specifications and size, construction and assembly, which is beneficial to control product quality and engineering quality, and has high construction compliance. There are many benefits such as the appearance of the finished product.

But it is worth noting that the product of the polyurethane spraying machine has a significant advantage: no seams and good overall performance. For flat roofs, the insulation and waterproof function is better than polyurethane panels.