What are the advantages of polyurea in products?
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What are the advantages of polyurea in products?

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Polyurea as a new type of environmentally friendly spraying Compared with traditional environmentally friendly coating technology, spraying polyurea elastomer technology has the following advantages:

1. It does not contain catalyst, it cures quickly, and can be sprayed on any curved surface, inclined surface and vertical surface without sagging. It gels in 5 seconds and can reach walking strength in 1 minute.

2. It is not sensitive to humidity and temperature, and is not affected by ambient temperature and humidity during construction.

(Can be applied on ice; applied at -28℃; can be cured in the freezer)

3. Two-component, 100% solid content, does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC), and is environmentally friendly

4. It can be sprayed or poured according to the volume ratio of 1:1, and the thickness of one construction can range from hundreds of microns to several centimeters, which overcomes the disadvantages of multiple constructions in the past.

5. Excellent physical and chemical properties, such as tensile strength, elongation, flexibility, wear resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

6. It has good thermal stability, can be used for a long time at 120℃, and can withstand short-term thermal shock at 350℃.

7. Like ordinary paint, various colors and dyes can be added to make products of different colors.

8. The formula system can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the hand feel ranges from soft rubber (Shao A30) to hard elastomer (Shao D65).

9. The reproducibility of the original shape is good, the coating is continuous, dense, no seams, no pinholes, beautiful and practical.

10. Using a complete set of equipment (polyurethane spraying machine), the construction is convenient, and the efficiency is extremely high; the design thickness requirement can be achieved in one construction, which overcomes the disadvantages of the previous multi-layer construction. The equipment is equipped with multiple switching modes, which can be sprayed or poured.