Use a polyurethane sprayer to prepare the swimming pool for waterproofing
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Use a polyurethane sprayer to prepare the swimming pool for waterproofing

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The importance of polyurea in daily life determines the quality of life. For example, the waterproof performance of swimming pools using this product has been highly praised, so the editor and the big guys will take a look at how to effectively waterproof the polyurethane sprayer in the swimming pool.

The application and development of regular quantitative polyurethane spraying machines in the field of energy-saving construction enterprises are subject to certain restrictions. The main part of the reason in China is that its cost is higher than the market price of EPS and XPS insulation engineering materials. Research on rigid foam polyurethane insulation materials synthesized with isosine ester, triethanolamine, combined polyethers, polyols and various additives as raw materials, and explore the influence of each reaction component on the performance of insulation materials to form a better Formula, reduce the company's synthetic production costs.

The polyurethane sprayer device is an elastomer made by the reaction of isocyanate components and amino molecular compounds. They have multiple functions such as water resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Waterproofing gives polyurea considerable advantages in the fields of polyurea waterproofing for expansion tunnels, stadiums and swimming pools.

The advantages of polyurea are as follows:

No catalyst, fast curing, any curved surface, inclined surface, vertical surface can be sprayed and formed, no flow phenomenon. Gel can be achieved in 5 seconds, and walking power can be achieved in 1 minute;

It is not sensitive to humidity and humidity, and can not be affected by the temperature and humidity of the social environment during construction;

A full set of spraying and pouring equipment, convenient construction and large power;

Excellent physical properties, such as tensile strength, flexibility, aging resistance, media resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.