Three points should be paid attention to when choosing high-quality sprayers
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Three points should be paid attention to when choosing high-quality sprayers

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At present, the sprayers sold in the rural market in my country are basically small-sized. Among them, the manual knapsack plastic sprayer (hereinafter referred to as the sprayer) is currently the largest and most common pesticide application device, accounting for 80% of the annual sales of plant protection machinery products in the country. It accounts for more than 95% of the social possession of plant protection machinery. (Electric sprayer)

There are many types of sprayers. Generally, there are two types of built-in air chamber and external type according to the structure. According to the production process of the product, there are two types of blow molding and injection molding processes.

Due to its simple structure, low price, large market demand, low production investment, and easy assembly, sprayers are generally sold to farmers, and the sales market is basically concentrated in rural areas. Therefore, counterfeit and inferior electric sprayer products have a large living space and occupy a large market share. The quality problems of sprayers are generally manifested in the following aspects: ① the material does not meet the requirements, ② cut corners, ③ the safety warning signs do not meet the requirements, ④ shoddy.

Since the quality of the sprayer product will directly affect the personal health and human safety of the operator, the safety of agricultural products and the problems that cause environmental pollution, it is best for users to pay attention to the following three points when purchasing a sprayer:

1. Look at the logo

①Check whether the product's trademark, factory name, factory address, and certification mark are complete;

② From the perspective of product packaging, the outer packaging of the whole machine should be firm and reliable; the standard code of the product implementation should be marked on the packaging box, and the accompanying documents should include product instructions, three guarantees, and product qualification certificates;

③Check whether there is a "3C" mark. The regular companies in the sprayer industry have passed the "3C" compulsory certification, and the "CCC" mark should be placed in a prominent position on the product.

2. Look at the appearance

①Look at the appearance of the plastic parts: If the plastic parts of the sprayer are made of recycled materials or inferior materials, they are often muddy in color, while the plastic parts produced from new materials are generally bright in color and have a certain degree of transparency;

②Look at the processing quality of the whole machine and spare parts: poor-quality sprayer products are relatively rough, and plastic parts are not uniformly plasticized; the material of the hose can be seen, and the quality of the rubber tube with the inner pressure layer is generally better; the good chemical tank is generally said Comes with the characteristics of thick and uniform;

③Look at the quality of assembly: moving parts should be operated flexibly, and there should be no jams, bumps, etc.; non-moving parts should not be significantly deformed or bent after assembly; fasteners should be firm and reliable; welding parts should be firm.

3. Simple test

①Weighing: good quality sprayers are generally thicker and heavier;

②For FRP spray rods, hold the two ends of the spray rod with both hands and twist in both directions. A good spray rod will generally not break;

③Water loading test machine: The sprayer spray should be continuous and uniform, and there should be no leakage in all parts and connections; at the same time, the liquid tank filled with water can be tilted about 45° in all directions, and observe whether there is any leakage at the joint of the tank cover. In addition, businesses can also be required to fill the chemical tank with water and drop it to the ground from a height of about 1m to see if the chemical tank is leaking or ruptured. Businesses with inferior products generally do not agree to such a request from users.

As the saying goes: "you get what you pay for" and "shop around", sprayer products that are too low in price are often impossible to strictly produce according to standards, and users are best to stay away when buying. To buy reliable sprayers, you should try to choose products from well-known companies with larger scale, better product quality and better service quality, and buy them from regular businesses with fixed business addresses.

As the air chamber built-in sprayer is safer, it is best to choose the built-in sprayer. Of course, the price of the built-in sprayer is generally higher than that of the external sprayer.