The first 9710! Customs helps Jining City formally enter a new era of cross-border e-commerce export (B2B)
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The first 9710! Customs helps Jining City formally enter a new era of cross-border e-commerce export (B2B)

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On May 10, Jining Industrial (Shandong) Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Hightop Machinery Group in Jining City, declared a batch of machinery and equipment for export through the "9710" trade method. This is the first time that a foreign trade enterprise in Jining City passed the customs clearance. This model handles export business, marking that Jining City has officially entered a new era of cross-border e-commerce export B2B (business-to-business).

The "9710" trade method is called "cross-border e-commerce enterprise-to-enterprise direct export". It is a customs supervision method for cross-border e-commerce, and it is suitable for cross-border e-commerce B2B direct export of goods. Enterprises handling export business through this model can not only directly talk to overseas consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises, reduce intermediate links in international trade, and further increase profits, but also effectively cultivate corporate brands and expand development space. In addition, the customs has also issued relevant supporting policies to improve the facilitation of cross-border e-commerce customs clearance.

"The company used to have orders transacted through cross-border e-commerce platforms, but they had to be converted to the traditional model to declare to the customs in accordance with the general trade method. Through "9710", you can directly declare and export to the customs with the order number, and you can also enjoy priority inspection and other customs clearance. Convenience helps us reduce costs and improve export competitiveness." said Wang Fengyuan, general manager of the company's foreign trade group one company.


In order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of the goods, Jining Customs specializes in opening up a green channel for cross-border e-commerce cargo clearance, and provides full-process policy guidance for corporate order uploading, data colliding, and information declaration.

Since the beginning of this year, in order to promote the development of new forms of foreign trade in Jining City, Jining Customs has set up a special class to organize staff to hold policy briefings in 10 counties and districts under its jurisdiction, promote relevant policies to more than 370 companies, and cooperate with the Jining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to discuss Companies that intend to carry out business implement precise cultivation, and have helped 82 companies in the jurisdiction to complete the customs filing of cross-border e-commerce.

"In the next step, we will continue to strengthen coordination with commerce, national taxation and other departments, optimize service supply, promote the expansion and increase of cross-border e-commerce B2B export business, and create a new growth point for the development of Jining's foreign trade economy", Deputy Commissioner of Jining Customs Zhou Tao said.