Spray Foam Roofing – Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Roof
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Spray Foam Roofing – Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Roof

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Whether you are considering getting a new roof for your home or business because you’re tired of patching leaks, or because you have heard how much you can save on energy bills with an eco-friendly roof, consider a spray foam roof.

What was that? Spray foam?

Spray foam roofing goes back more than 30 years, and its popularity has been growing exponentially because of its advantages over traditional roofing systems. What advantages, you ask? Consider this:

  • It’s monolithic, meaning it is one piece with no seams, which equates to no leaks

  • It insulates extremely well, and can lower the temperature of a roof by up to 100 degrees!

  • Long lifespan with periodic maintenance*

  • Pays for itself!

CNMC-E2  Spray Foam Machine

The new CNMC-E2  air driven proportioning unit is of an advanced and compact design. It is specially aimed at the applications of polyurethane foam in place. Its particular configuration facilities easy access to all its components, simplifies the control functions ad significantly reduces the maintenance work.

spray foam equipment

foam insulation machine

Cost of Spray Foam Roofing

Speaking of return on investment, how much will this investment set you back? Naturally it depends on a lot of variables including where you are, what kind of foam you prefer (as in density, thickness, etc.), what protective coatings are used, the building itself and the intricacy of the job.

I hope this article has helped you in choosing a reliable, inexpensive and green roofing solution. All that’s left is choosing the right roof repair or replacement company for you. Overall, spray foam roofing is a great flat roofing choice. That, and enjoy saving up to 50% on energy bills for years to come!