Some knowledge points of polyurea
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Some knowledge points of polyurea

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Polyurea spray material is a new type of polymer material. Since this material has many different forms, and different forms of polyurea sprayers have many different characteristics, polyurea spray materials are widely used in contemporary society and industrial production.

As the thermal insulation effect of this material is gradually verified, the thermal insulation of polyurea sprayers has gradually become one of the common styles in the thermal insulation industry. This material is not only very good in insulation, but also has strong corrosion and water resistance, so even if this material is placed in some humid or corrosive environments, this kind of pipe can be used normally. If the insulation material of the polyurea sprayer is made of a plate and placed outside the wall, this kind of pipe can also play a very good role in preventing external factors from corroding the wall. In addition to being used as thermal insulation material, polyurea spray material can also be used as a raw material for making rollers, conveyor belts and shoe soles.

The traditional roofing waterproofing materials mainly include modified asphalt linoleum, SBS and APP modified linoleum, polymer waterproofing membrane and water-based paint. Traditional roofing waterproofing materials (such as asphalt, SBS, APP, etc.) will crack after aging in sunlight; that is to say, the material itself does not crack, but it will also break due to concrete cracking (caused by vibration, stress, weathering, etc.). There are a lot of seams in the waterproofing material, which can accelerate leakage as it ages outdoors. Once a leak occurs, it can be difficult to find the leak.

Polyurea material is completely superior to traditional waterproof material. Polyurea has excellent physical and chemical properties, high tensile strength, impact strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance, wet skid resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance. Jinghua Bangwei polyurea sprayer sprays on site, and the cured polyurea coating is 100% attached to the substrate, with good surface integrity, no joints, and good anti-leakage effect.

The two elastic waterproof polyurea materials were sprayed on the steel, concrete and asphalt surfaces respectively, and the surface of the sample at a distance of 30.5 cm from the coating was sprayed with -196 liquid nitrogen for 30 seconds without any damage to the coating; when the spraying distance decreased By 10.2 cm, the coating on the steel and concrete surfaces showed slight cracks, while the coating on the asphalt surface was intact. In addition, the concrete specimen coated with polyurea material fell freely from a height of 1.8 meters, and the concrete itself cracked, but the elastic waterproof polyurea material was not damaged, and the concrete fragments gathered together firmly. Because the elastic waterproof polyurea material has excellent flexibility, aging resistance and mechanical strength, even in the case of concrete cracking, the polyurea material not only does not break by itself, but also "holds" the concrete, thus achieving waterproofing and protection. effect. The elastic waterproof polyurea material is especially suitable for the waterproof treatment of the roof of the building to achieve the purpose of "once and for all".