Shandong Hightop Group was invited by the Tai'an Municipal Government to participate in the Taishan Industry Fair
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Shandong Hightop Group was invited by the Tai'an Municipal Government to participate in the Taishan Industry Fair

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On April 21, the first Taishan Industrial Exhibition kicked off at the Taishan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Taishan Industrial Exhibition adopts the "Trinity" model, that is, the "online platform, fixed exhibition hall, and offline exhibition" model. The promotion of the industrial clusters was concentrated, and the online platform was launched at the same time on the opening day.

In the post-epidemic era, my country is actively constructing a new development pattern in which the domestic and international dual cycles are the mainstay and promote each other. Tai'an City adheres to the first priority of industrial development, takes the dual cycle as the starting point, sorts out the city’s advantageous industries and industrial chains, establishes an online product promotion column, expands the city’s manufacturing enterprises and product external promotion channels, and integrates with offline exhibitions to create Comprehensive information display matrix, complementary drainage, integrated into the domestic and international double cycle, and promote the high-quality development of Taian's manufacturing industry.

It is understood that the online platform has selected three major government portals with wide coverage as the entrance to the online platform of the industry gathering, namely the Tai'an Municipal Government website, the government-enterprise through train platform, and the Tai'an Bureau of Industry and Information Technology portal website. Take the government-enterprise through train platform as an example, click on the "Taishan Industry Collection" module to enter the industry collection online platform.

After entering the platform, the first is a comprehensive display of the home page of the platform, including an overview of Taishan Industrial Collection, followed by the map index of nine industrial clusters such as power transmission equipment clusters and new building materials clusters; the latest industry trends are gathered in the large collections. The most complete dynamic information, to better promote the large set of information to the majority of tourists. The platform has set up a message interactive section to facilitate online interaction.

The industry profile module includes Taian's overall profile, resource endowment, industrial development and investment policies, and fully demonstrates Taian's industrial heritage and advantages.

The industrial cluster module displays the information of the nine major industrial clusters and the head enterprises of each cluster. Taking the power transmission and transformation equipment cluster as an example, the first is an overall overview of the industrial cluster, followed by the display of the industrial cluster representative legend, and the planning will be formed in the later period. The cluster chain connects the upstream, middle and downstream enterprises of the cluster, and finally focuses on the head enterprises of the cluster.

The enterprise directory module focuses on the display of the enterprises in the online exhibition. According to the nature of the enterprise, it is divided into three labels: industry sector, district and county, and enterprise scale. The following is the display of the enterprise. Take Taibang Biology as an example. You can click to enter. View detailed company information, including company profile, corporate culture, corporate honor, corporate video, product center, and information feedback. Product center refers to the e-commerce model and displays a list of corporate products. Click to view detailed product information, and feedback is It is convenient for tourists to have in-depth interaction with the enterprise after viewing the enterprise information.

Industry dynamics gather the latest information, and follow-up will continue to update Taian's industrial policy trends and promote Taian's industry. The investment promotion module is deeply integrated with the investment promotion platform of the commerce department and led to the special platform of Tai'an investment promotion, so that people can have a more comprehensive understanding of Tai'an investment promotion policy.

Log on to the online platform, you can interact with Daji on the information feedback page, provide valuable suggestions for the development of Daji, and build a bridge for communication and negotiation between platform companies and all walks of life.