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1. Polyurethane on-site foaming equipment is suitable for replacing your unsatisfactory coating/lining materials in the past, as well as projects troubled by frequent maintenance and repeated construction, or unconditional overhaul or rework after construction.

2. Polyurethane on-site foaming equipment is suitable for solving most of the problems that coatings/linings are difficult to solve, such as occasions where corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, crack resistance or anti-skid requirements are simultaneously considered, and high-quality protective coatings are required, but only on-site Construction or quality assurance projects that require on-site repairs.

3. Polyurea has strong functionality and is a work-for-all material, which is maintenance-free. As you want to greatly extend the service life, polyurea spray elastomer is relatively more cost-effective. Such as high-grade building waterproof layer, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant floor.

4. Polyurea is the most suitable material for some projects that require anti-corrosion but also need to play a role in reinforcement. Such as pipeline supports, beams, piers, equipment foundations, and other concrete structures that tend to crack.

5. Polyurea foaming equipment has a wide range of applications, but it is not suitable to use polyurea for super acid, alkali corrosion or strong solvent environments. Polyurea can be used in inorganic environments with weak acids and weak bases, depending on the use environment. Choose polyurea.

6. Polyurethane on-site foaming equipment is a material with multiple properties of waterproof, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance and protection, but it has a certain tolerance range. The recommended temperature range for polyurea is -40℃-120℃

7. For construction under different temperature and humidity conditions, it is necessary to choose and match different interface agents and primers to ensure good adhesion between the surface layer and the substrate. Different use environments should be scientifically analyzed to select different types of polyurea materials and Matching primer.

8. Because polyurea has different functions in various fields, the corresponding construction thickness will also be different.

9. Polyurea is a two-component chemical product. The later curing time is very important. Putting it into use too early may still cause local degradation of some coating properties. Polyurea has relative advantages in terms of construction speed at the project site.

10. If the general coating materials can meet the requirements of use and have low cost requirements, it is recommended that you choose according to the original design plan. The cost of polyurea coating is relatively high.

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