Polyurethane foam insulation molding technology and construction method
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Polyurethane foam insulation molding technology and construction method

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Polyurethane foam insulation molding is to stir materials at room temperature to make them mix and react, and then quickly pour them into the space that needs to be molded. During the construction process, the reaction foaming time should be controlled so that the stirred mixture is poured into the void in a liquid manner. During the foaming process, a great expansion force will be generated, which should be appropriately strengthened by the infusion layer or mold.

1. On-site polyurethane foaming technology

Foaming and spraying polyurethane foam insulation layer on site, the entire surface is seamless, without seams, reduces cold damage, improves construction efficiency, easily meets quality requirements, reduces construction procedures, and saves anticorrosive pipelines.

2. Technical principle of in-situ polyurethane foaming construction

The principle of the foam spraying process of polyurethane foam is that polyether isocyanate vinegar is polymerized to form urethane, that is, polyurethane foam, usually called polyurethane foam. During the reaction, the catalyst, crosslinking agent, foaming agent and foam stabilizer are added at the same time, and its role is to promote and improve the chemical reaction.

Divide these materials into two groups and mix them thoroughly, then inject the metering pump into the special spray gun in proportion, spray the spray on the surface of the pipe or equipment in the spray gun or infusion mixer, and then react to form within 5ml/10s . The foam forms a foam and solidifies.

3. The construction method of polyurethane foaming in situ

1) Spraying method

According to the formula, the two groups of solutions are stored in two barrels respectively, and the materials are filtered into the metering pump. The materials are driven into the gun body through the pneumatic motor, and the materials enter the mixing chamber through the compressed air control valve, and the mixture is mixed through the nozzle . Spray on pipes or equipment to foam.

2) Infusion method

The prepared two sets of solutions are stored in barrels, the materials are filtered into the metering pump, and the materials are transported to the filling mixer by the pneumatic motor, and then all compressed air is used to fill the motor to drive the mixing shaft to transfer the two sets of materials Mix them and then inject them into the mold for foam molding.