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Application of polyurea coatings in life

Spray Polyured Waterproofing Coating is an advanced and highly safe coating imported from abroad. Continuously improve and perfect in combination with relevant domestic scientific research units. The polyurea coatings currently sold in the domestic market have the characteristics of solvent-free, pollution-free, and highly reactive protection.

The polyurethane on-site foaming equipment consists of a two-component A, B, solvent-free, fast-curing green and environmentally friendly elastic waterproof material, which is divided into high-elastic spraying (pure) polyurea waterproof coating (JNC) according to different film-forming reaction groups And high-elastic spray polyurethane (urea) (commonly known as semi-polyurea) elastic waterproof coating (JNJ), according to the physical properties is divided into type I and type II. The components A and B are mixed and sprayed in the spray gun of the special spraying equipment, and react and cure quickly to form an elastomer waterproof film. High-elastic spray (pure) polyurea waterproof coating A component is a semi-prepolymer prepared by reacting a hydroxyl-terminated compound with an isocyanate; the B component is a mixture composed of an amino-terminated resin and an amino-terminated chain extender. Contains any hydroxyl components and catalysts, but it is allowed to contain Shaoli pigments and dispersing additives.

The A component of the polyurethane field foaming equipment waterproof coating is a semi-prepolymer prepared by the reaction of a hydroxyl-terminated compound and isocyanic acid; the B component is a mixture of a hydroxyl-terminated resin or an amino-terminated resin and an amino-terminated chain extender. The B component can contain a catalyst for improving the reaction activity, and it is allowed to contain oligomeric pigments and dispersing additives. This product needs to be sprayed and formed by special professional construction machinery when forming a film. Its excellent physical and chemical performance indicators, convenient construction technology, integrity of the waterproof and anti-corrosion system, and environmental protection are beyond the reach of any other traditional protective materials and technologies. It is widely used in urban subway, high-speed railway, tunnel and bridge, water conservancy and electromechanical, marine chemical industry, military and civilian projects for waterproof, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance and "two prevention and one resistance" projects.

Now, with the improvement of residents' material consumption level, people's requirements for the living environment are constantly changing. Environmental comfort, safety, and environmental protection have become the leading direction pursued by modern people. Traditional home improvement coatings are gradually abandoned by the market. Because traditional coatings can no longer meet the needs of modern interiors. The appearance of toxic paint, pungent smell paint, and inferior paint makes people fearful and has a serious impact on the human body. Now, it is replaced by polyurea coatings with very high safety performance.