Is the foaming machine domestic or foreign?
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Is the foaming machine domestic or foreign?

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The emergence of foaming machines has given hope to the production and packaging industries. Foaming agents first appeared in foreign countries. With the continuous development of technology, the domestic production technology of foaming machines has also been mastered. Foaming machines are mainly divided into high-speed impeller types. There are three types: high pressure air type and ancient style medium and low pressure type. Users do not know how to choose different brands of foaming machines. What are the benefits of imported foaming machines and domestic foaming machines?

If you want to know which one is better, the imported foaming machine or the domestic foaming machine, you might as well compare it.

1. Performance comparison: Foaming machines first appeared abroad, and then the domestic foaming mechanism was mastered as the foaming technology. The foaming volume and operating system were continuously upgraded. The domestic foaming machine technology was relatively mature, and users could use it in terms of technical performance.

2. Price comparison. When everyone buys a foaming machine, they pay more attention to the price. The import price of the same kind of machine is slightly higher than the domestic price, because the import requires customs duties and freight. However, the cost of domestic foaming machines is relatively low, and the cost performance is relatively high.

3. After-sales service comparison: Most imported foaming machines have fixed after-sales service centers in China, and the speed of after-sales service and machine failure repair is not as fast as domestic foaming machines. Domestic foaming machine companies can provide users with high-quality and convenient after-sales service.

Note that these places should be paid attention to when running the polyurethane foaming machine!

1. The functions and models of polyurethane foaming machines are different. In operation, it is best to follow the instructions, especially the most complete foaming machine.

2. When the polyurethane foam stirs B material, it will release irritating gas. In order to ensure the safety of operators, protective glasses and gas masks must be worn. The operating environment requires ventilation, which is conducive to its volatilization.

3. When the operating environment temperature is high, when the A material is stirred, the partial vaporization of the glue will generate pressure. At this time, before opening the lid, the exhaust valve must be opened and the air pressure removed.

Generally, foaming machines can be divided into two types: large and small. Small foaming machines are more flexible, and occupy a small area and are easy to move. Foaming machines are mainly used in new energy, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automobiles and instruments, etc., and they are widely used in our lives.

When the user buys a foaming machine, it is recommended to buy the same brand of foaming agent, the product performance of the same brand will not be rejected, the foam will get more quality assurance, and the machine can also reduce the possibility of failure.