Introduction of Polyurea Spraying Machine
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Introduction of Polyurea Spraying Machine

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he polyurea spraying machine includes the main engine, spray gun, feed pump, feed pipe, A component, R component, heating hose and many other parts, which must be connected reasonably to ensure the smooth completion of the spraying operation.

The two lifting pumps are respectively inserted into the industrial vat containing the A component and the R component, and the material enters the host from the lifting pump with the feeding pipe, and the volume ratio of the host is controlled by a precise metering pump to be 1:1, and it is accepted at the same time The heating and pressurization of the host. After that, the material flows out of the main engine, passes through the heat-preserving hose, and reaches the spray gun. After pulling the trigger, it passes through the filter from each direction and hits and mixes in the mixing chamber at high pressure, and then sprays out at high speed, receiving compressed air at the nozzle to form a uniform fan shape. Or round material surface, sprayed on the steel pipe to solidify and form.

When the polyurea spraying machine is not working for a long time, in order to prevent the A and R material vat and the suction pump from contacting with moist air to crystallize, solidify, and deteriorate, it is necessary to remove the A and R material suction pump from the 200L vat and insert it into the tank. In the protective cover with cleaning agent, at the same time, fill the barrels of A and R materials with nitrogen and seal them. Turn off the host, but do not turn off the air compressor and the A and R feed ball valves. When the feed pump is working normally, after finishing the construction (experiment) with DOP lotion, continue to use DOP for cyclic cleaning. After the cleaning, the remaining liquid is sealed in the feeding pipe. In the cyclic cleaning, the cleaning solution is 20kg and the pressure is 3~5MPa for 30min, and the cleaning is carried out in 3 times. Cover the machine protective net cover and store it in a fixed warehouse.