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With the improvement of our quality of life, various scientific and technological building materials in our lives also appear in our daily buildings. Spray polyurethane is one of the more practical materials. Polyurethane is a kind of insulation and waterproof coating. Among them, its thermal insulation and waterproof functions are widely used. When we use polyurea spraying equipment, we always do the next spraying at the end of the spraying or after a period of time. During the interval, the straw should be lifted from the paint bucket to make the sprayer run without load and remove the remaining paint. Drain it in the suction pipe and high-pressure hose, and then use the thinner to clean the remaining material in the accessories. When cleaning, the balloon valve should be opened smaller, and the interval time during the spraying process of the polyurea spraying equipment should be within 30-40 minutes each time. The polyurea spraying equipment is a high-pressure polyurethane spraying equipment, because the material of the high-pressure spraying equipment hits and rotates violently in a mixing chamber with a small space, and the mixing is very sufficient. The high-speed moving material forms fine mist droplets at the nozzle of the spray gun and sprays them evenly on the surface of the object. For substrates of various shapes, whether it is a flat surface, a vertical surface or a top surface, whether it is a round, spherical or other irregularly shaped complex objects, spraying and foaming can be directly applied without expensive mold manufacturing costs. We often encounter various problems during construction. Today, what we want to talk about is how often the polyurea spraying equipment is sprayed during the construction. Do any friends here know?

The above is a special explanation of how often the polyurea spraying equipment is sprayed during the construction. I hope it can help you. The polyurethane foam is formed in the foaming and curing stage. From the black and white mixing to the cessation of foam volume expansion, this process is called foam. During the foaming process, the system releases a large amount of heat of reaction of the rigid polyurethane foam insulation material, which is a polyol reaction of polyurethane and isocyanate, which is a repeating structural unit of the polymer chain. Due to its good insulation performance and excellent waterproof performance, special thermal insulation accessories are widely used in wall insulation, roof insulation, refrigeration, storage, recording studios, pipes, doors and windows, etc. Polyurethane spraying equipment has been widely used in roof and wall insulation abroad. The main application form of composite panels is two kinds of on-site spraying. High-pressure jet, strong penetrating power, deep wall holes of the coating, increase the mechanical bite force of the coating and the wall, improve the adhesion of the coating, and extend the service life of the coating. It is denser and improves the adhesion of the coating. It can spray high-viscosity paint without too much water, so it can maintain the physical properties of the complete coating and extend the service life of the coating.

In the use of polyurea spraying equipment, we need to understand the working process of polyurea spraying equipment, so as to better play its role. I have summarized a few work processes of polyurea spraying equipment for everyone. The material has high tensile strength and high elongation at break, and can well withstand the deformation of the base layer caused by the temperature difference and the deformation caused by the cracking. After spraying, a thermal insulation layer with a certain thickness and no joints is formed. The thermal insulation layer has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. It is directly sprayed on the slope roof and has very strong adhesion to the concrete structural slab, which not only avoids roof water The penetration along the gap between layers also eliminates the hidden danger of roof insulation sliding and falling off; no hollowing occurs, and it has good low moisture absorption and air tightness. Polyurea spraying equipment hard foam insulation material is a polyol of isocyanate and mixed blowing agents, catalysts, modifiers, flame retardants, anti-aging agents and other additives, fully mixed and high-pressure sprayed in a specific ratio through special equipment , The new type of high-molecular polymer waterproof and thermal insulation material formed by on-site foaming has good water impermeability and high water vapor permeability resistance. It is a new type of energy-saving material with multiple functions such as waterproofing, heat preservation, heat insulation and gas insulation.

Through the two-stage feeding system, the black and white materials are sent to the two heating systems to be heated to about 30 degrees, and then mixed through a heat preservation pipeline, and the black and white materials are shot out through the spray gun, and the black and white materials are reacted on the wall. Produce heat preservation material, thus play a heat preservation effect.

Polyurea spray equipment thermal insulation material is an important branch of the polyurethane industry. It is characterized by multiple uses of one material, and has the functions of thermal insulation and waterproofing. This type of product has a history of 40 years since it was applied in the European construction industry in the 1960s. Some countries have also passed legislation to use polyurea spray equipment materials as the designated insulation and waterproof materials for the construction industry. With the rapid development of my country's building energy-saving market, polyurea spraying equipment has been widely used in the field of building insulation and waterproofing, and has become one of the leading insulation and energy-saving products in the market. Polyurethane spraying on-site spraying polyurethane spraying includes two parts: direct spraying with primer and synthetic resin, and foaming polyurethane spraying.

Direct spraying with primer and synthetic resin is mainly used for anti-corrosion and wear resistance, sealing, heat preservation, etc. It is characterized by good wear resistance, excellent erosion resistance, and spray coatings from 25μ to several millimeters can be sprayed and formed at one time without production Hanging flow phenomenon.

The advantage of polyurethane spraying is that when waterproof and thermal insulation of non-standard buildings or installations, polyurethane spraying can adapt to various shapes and has no thermal bridge. Common polyurethane spraying applications include cold storage, grain storage, pipelines and various circular liquid storage tanks. The application is very wide.

When a fault occurs in a specific part of the polyurea spraying equipment, the detection point will send a signal, and a flashing mark will appear on the display to indicate where the fault is, and the program will automatically take corresponding protection according to the fault category, such as For actions such as shutdown, partial shutdown, and injection stop, the buzzer will sound an alarm for a short time, and the operator must take corresponding measures according to the prompt text of the failure.

If the fault has been eliminated, press the "fault clear" button, the previously displayed fault text will disappear, and the faults that have not been eliminated will continue to be displayed until all the faults are eliminated. Remember: When the equipment sends out a fault alarm signal, you must not easily press the "Fault Clear" button. First, find out the problem of the fault display, and analyze the cause based on the displayed information, and finally cause the problem of the polyurea spraying equipment has been solved.

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