How to use the new electric sprayer
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How to use the new electric sprayer

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The editor found that there are still many people who are not very clear about the use of the new electric sprayer. Today I will share with you an article about the use of the new electric sprayer, hoping to help friends who have questions.

1. Docking

All newly purchased electric sprayers must be connected before first use.

The method is: unscrew the nozzle at the end of the handle, and then take out the large O-ring with the function of preventing water leakage and maintaining pressure, and insert it into the groove of the handle port. Then first check whether the inside of the spray rod is unobstructed, and then connect the spray rod to the handle. Note that a large O-ring should also be placed on the groove at the end of the spray rod. Then select a suitable spray head, unscrew it and put it into the big O-ring, and then tighten it on the spray rod, so that the connection work is completed.

2. Test machine

The next step is to test the machine. It is aimed at new purchasers.

First, reset the battery by taking out the battery and turning it 180° in parallel, connecting the tabs firmly according to the red wire to the red head and the black wire to the black head, then align it in, and buckle the battery hook.

Then turn on the power switch and start the water pump.

Then check the pump for abnormal noise. If there is noise, it means the pump has a problem and needs to be replaced. The water pump should not be idling for a long time during the test machine, and it should be shut down in time.

3. Test spray

After the test machine is no problem, unscrew the lid, add an appropriate amount of water, turn on the power switch, turn on the handle switch, and perform a test spray. Check whether each connection is sealed and firm, whether the pressure is normal, and whether the fogging effect is ideal. After testing spray for half a minute, turn off the handle switch, keep the pressure for 1 minute, and then check whether there is any leakage in the water outlet pipe and the handle. At this time, it is normal if the water pump jumps intermittently.

4. Charging

The newly purchased electric sprayer is used without charging the battery as required, which will affect the service life of the battery. Therefore, the battery must be charged immediately after the test boot is normal. The charging time is generally 8-10 hours, and the length of the subsequent charging time depends on the battery usage.

The specific method is: connect the charger plug to 220V AC, and the power signal light does not light up. Then insert the DC plug of the charger into the DC jack at the bottom of the barrel. At this time, the signal light turns red, indicating that it is charging. When the signal light turns from red to green, it means that the charging is basically completed, but the battery is not really fully charged at this time, and it needs to be charged for another 1-2 hours. After the battery is charged, you must first unplug the DC plug, and then disconnect the charger.

5. Adjust the straps

After the above work is completed, it is necessary to adjust the strap to an appropriate length through the elastic buckle, and then adjust the position of the shoulder pad. Then pull the strap to check whether the strap is firmly fixed, whether the length is the same, and whether the connection part is reliable. It is better to be able to carry the sprayer flexibly and feel the tightness moderately.