How to identify the true and false pros and cons of electrostatic sprayers?
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How to identify the true and false pros and cons of electrostatic sprayers?

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Since the electrostatic sprayer is a new type of plant protection and disinfection equipment, its promotion and application in our country is still in the initial stage. Therefore, the majority of farmers and relevant functional departments are still very unfamiliar with it, and they do not know the necessary conditions that they should have. Therefore, it is often difficult to identify the pros and cons of the authenticity. However, some people in the society with unhealthy minds saw that there was a loophole in it, so they tried their best to use fake and shoddy methods to install an ordinary electric sprayer with a cheap high-voltage generator, and then pretended to be static. Sprayers have swaggered across the market, deceiving farmers and consumers at prices several times higher than electric sprayers, and defrauding relevant departments in order to defraud high profits and government agricultural machinery subsidies.

Then, how can one distinguish between the authenticity and the pros and cons of an electrostatic sprayer manufacturer? The author here introduces a simple method: as long as you look at the three index conditions, which is true, which is false, which is better, and which is better, you will quickly be able to distinguish clearly.

Let’s take a single-nozzle knapsack electric electrostatic sprayer with a capacity of 16 liters and an electric diaphragm pump with a pressure of 0.15-0.4 MPa as the spray power as an example to see what it should have:

One is to check the flow index of the sprayer. A major advantage of the electrostatic sprayer is that it can save about 90% of water. Therefore, its normal flow rate should be 5-15 liters per hour, generally not more than 20 liters. Under normal circumstances, a bucket of 16 liters of water can spray an area of about ten acres. The flow rate of an ordinary electric sprayer is as high as 60-80 liters per hour, and it may consume 48 liters of water to spray one acre of land. If it is found that a bucket of water can be sprayed in about 10 minutes, then it can basically be assumed that this is just an ordinary electric sprayer.

The second is to check the electrostatic adsorption effect index after spraying. The unique singular effect of the electrostatic sprayer lies in its remarkable electrostatic environmental protection adsorption effect. In other words, when the nozzle is sprayed on the planting leaves, not only will there be more droplets on the leaves, but also the reverse side of the leaves will magically absorb more droplets. Therefore, even if the pests are hiding on the leaves Behind it, it can also be effectively killed. For a good electrostatic sprayer, the electrostatic adsorption effect index of the sprayed droplets should be around 100 to 50. That is, if there are 100 droplets on the front of the blade, then the number of droplets adsorbed on the reverse side should be 50 points. About, the lower cannot be less than 30 points, otherwise, it will seriously affect the killing effect. If there is no adsorption or only about 10 points of adsorption on the reverse side, it means that this is just a fake machine.

The third is to check the pesticide saving index of machine operation. After a large number of scientific research and field experiments, the unanimously recognized effect standard obtained from all aspects is: the application of electrostatic spray can save 30-50% of the amount of chemical agents. That is to say, the use of electrostatic sprayers, while saving 30-50% of chemical agents, its killing effect can still be better than ordinary sprayers that do not save pesticides. If an electrostatic sprayer cannot be used less pesticides in actual operation, or if the proportion of pesticides is small and will affect the killing effect, then it can be regarded as only a fake and inferior machine.