Get rid of traditional thinking, break the traditional path, Jining optimizes the business environment and speeds up
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Get rid of traditional thinking, break the traditional path, Jining optimizes the business environment and speeds up

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In the work of optimizing the business environment, Jining City has implemented "direct export of cross-border e-commerce enterprises to enterprises", constantly breaking away from traditional thinking and breaking traditional paths, and effectively providing convenience for enterprises in terms of handling procedures and helping high-quality industrial development.

While continuously optimizing the approval process, Jining City strives to create an excellent business environment in the field of foreign trade exports. A few days ago, a batch of machinery and equipment from Jinkung Industrial (Shandong) Corporation a subsidiary of Shandong Hightop Machinery Group Co., Ltd., has cleared customs. This is the first time that a company in our city has handled related businesses through the “direct export of cross-border e-commerce enterprises to enterprises”. Significantly improved.

Wang Rui, deputy head of the Comprehensive Business Section of Jining Customs, said that companies can enjoy a series of preferential policies including "one registration, one-point docking, priority inspection, and convenient return management". The entire process is paperless operation, which opens up opportunities for small, medium and micro enterprises. Fast-track customs clearance for cross-border e-commerce goods.

Jiang Chaoxiang, manager of Jinkung Industrial (Shandong) Corporation told reporters: "Compared with the traditional general trade export model, there are fewer documents to be transmitted and fewer items to be declared. The entire declaration process can be completed in about 20 minutes, and the work efficiency An increase of more than 50% has helped us save employment costs and also improved customs clearance efficiency."

"Cross-border e-commerce enterprise-to-enterprise direct export" means that domestic enterprises establish contact with foreign enterprises through cross-border e-commerce platforms, complete the process of placing orders and payment online or offline, and realize the export of goods.

Xie Tian, deputy chief of the Enterprise Management Section of Jining Customs, said that all goods exported in accordance with the cross-border e-commerce model can go through customs procedures such as declaration and inspection in Jining. After release, they can be transferred to the port for departure procedures and customs clearance time. And the cost of customs clearance can be further compressed.

Prior to this, all cross-border e-commerce had to be exported through ordinary foreign trade, and the procedures were relatively cumbersome. This year, our city was included in one of the 22 pilot regions in the country to carry out the business of "direct export of cross-border e-commerce enterprises to enterprises".

Zhang Fengyan, deputy section chief of the Inspection Section of the Jining Customs Office in Qufu, told reporters that enterprises handling export business through this model can not only directly talk to overseas consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises, reduce intermediate circulation links in international trade, further increase profits, and effectively cultivate enterprises. Brand, expand development space.

In order to promote the development of the city’s new foreign trade business, since this year, Jining Customs has organized business backbones to go to counties and cities to hold policy briefings, promote relevant policies to more than 370 companies, and cooperate with the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to cultivate companies that are interested in doing business. Helped 82 enterprises in the jurisdiction to complete the customs filing of cross-border e-commerce.

Zhou Tao, Deputy Commissioner of Jining Customs, said: “In the next step, we will continue to strengthen collaboration with commerce, taxation and other departments, optimize service supply, and promote the expansion of cross-border e-commerce enterprises’ export business to enterprises, and create a strong foundation for the development of Jining’s foreign trade economy. New growth point."