Features of polyurethane spraying machine equipment
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Features of polyurethane spraying machine equipment

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Polyurethane is a heat-insulating and waterproof coating. In buildings, its heat insulation and waterproof functions are widely used. Polyurethane spraying machine is a high-pressure polyurethane spraying equipment, because the material of the high-pressure spraying equipment collides and rotates violently in a small mixing chamber, so the mixing is very complete. The high-speed moving material forms fine mist droplets at the nozzle of the spray gun and sprays them evenly on the surface of the object.

What are the characteristics of polyurethane spraying machine equipment? The editor has compiled the following points for everyone:

1. Sealing performance: no voids, no joints. It completely envelops the building envelope, effectively preventing wind and moisture from flowing into and out of the building through the gap, thus achieving a complete seal.

2. High production efficiency, especially suitable for heat insulation treatment of large area and special-shaped objects, with fast forming speed and high production efficiency.

3. For substrates of various shapes, whether it is a flat surface, a vertical surface or a top surface, whether it is a round, spherical or other irregularly shaped complex objects, it can be sprayed and foamed directly without expensive mold manufacturing. cost.

4. The shape of the foam insulation layer formed by spraying and foaming is consistent with the shape of the base material; there is no joint, and the heat insulation effect is good. There is a dense protective skin layer outside the foam layer, which can better protect the inner core material and facilitate the painting and further repair of the outer surface.

5. Cohesion: strong cohesion, can be firmly bonded to the surface of concrete, masonry, wood, steel, asphalt, rubber, etc.;