Electric sprayer use
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Electric sprayer use

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With the call for the creation of a sanitary city and the rapid development of a healthy city, more and more disinfection and epidemic prevention knowledge is being promoted, and there are more epidemic prevention and disinfection equipment, but they can reach the standard high density, high atomization, high efficiency, and easy to carry. The sprayer is the ultra-low-volume sprayer.

1. What are the advantages of electric ultra-low volume sprayers?

Convenient to carry, low working noise, wind atomization, fine droplets, uniformity, and medicine saving.

2. What are the performances of electric ultra-low volume sprayers in use?

The diameter of the droplet particles produced by the ultra-low-volume sprayer is below 50 microns, and the irregular movement of the droplet particles is like the dust suspended in the air. It has strong penetrating power and can diffuse freely. The spray has no dead ends, and can completely achieve the effects of insecticide, sterilization, disinfection, epidemic prevention and disease control.