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Excellent performance characteristics of polyurethane elastomer:

  We are a manufacturer mainly engaged in the research, development and production of castable polyurethane elastomer products. Because of the best comprehensive performance, the output of castable polyurethane accounts for more than 60% of it, and it is the most important variety of polyurethane elastomers with a wide range of applications.

  1, The processing method is simple, convenient, easy to automate, and continuous production. In the production process of the cast polyurethane elastomer, the raw materials are all liquid, and they are measured, mixed, and reacted in the liquid state until they are poured into the mold, which is conducive to continuous mechanized production. In a sense, this advanced liquid processing is a "reform" of traditional rubber production methods.

  2, Among the currently known elastomers, cast polyurethane elastomers have the best abrasion resistance. According to the laboratory measurement of its abrasion performance, it is 3-5 times that of ordinary natural rubber. If there is a certain amount of liquid wet abrasion, its abrasion resistance is even 10 times higher than that of ordinary rubber, so it is commonly called "resistant" Grind rubber".

  3, The high wear resistance of cast polyurethane elastomer can not only be used as ordinary rubber for the manufacture of wear resistant parts, but also can replace traditional metal materials to a certain extent. Good wear resistance, cushioning, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, low noise and other properties are a supplement to traditional metals.

  4, The castable polyurethane elastomer has a wide range of hardness changes (Shore A20-Shore D80), and it can still maintain good elasticity under high hardness. This is a performance that ordinary plastics and other materials are difficult to possess.

  5, With excellent mechanical properties. The tensile strength of ordinary natural rubber, neoprene, etc. is generally lower than 30Mps, but the tensile strength of cast polyurethane elastomer is generally greater than 40Mps, and the tear resistance is generally much higher than that of ordinary rubber materials.

  6, Excellent oil resistance. The oil resistance of polyester polyurethane is similar to that of nitrile nitrile rubber, which has the best oil resistance in traditional rubbers, but is better than natural, neoprene and other ordinary rubbers.

  7, Excellent resistance to oxygen and ozone. According to the measurement of oxygen absorption volume of some rubber materials by Goodyear in the United States at 100°C for 160 hours, natural rubber 92mL/g; styrene butadiene rubber 18mL/g; polyurethane 0.64mL/g.

  8, High compliance ability. The impact element in the preparation, the buffer element has a high bearing capacity and will not crack during use, while ordinary rubber has defects such as cracks under the load of high bearing capacity.