Do you really think you haven't seen polyurethane products?
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Do you really think you haven't seen polyurethane products?

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The product of the polyurethane foaming machine is foam, and foam is needed in the production process. Therefore, foam is the standard to measure the performance of the foaming machine. The foaming quality is determined from the three aspects of foaming density, foaming uniformity and foaming secretion water. .

Is polyurethane foam board soundproof?

At present, polyurethane foam board is a better insulation material for exterior walls. Among the current insulation materials, the sealing rate of the polyurethane foam board is above 95%. It is a material with impermeable properties, and has the dual functions of heat preservation and waterproofing. However, polyphenylene sulfide has high water absorption, poor nozzle treatment, and easy waterproof failure. Polyurethane foam board is suitable for various shapes and structures, especially suitable for special-shaped horizontal and exterior curtain wall systems.

There are two types of polyurethane foams: soft foam and hard foam. The soft foam has an open-cell structure, and the hard foam has a closed-cell structure. The sound insulation performance of the polyurethane foam board is related to the cell shape of the foam material, and the sound absorption coefficient of the open polyurethane foam It is greater than the sound absorption coefficient of closed-cell polyurethane foam. In addition, the sound insulation performance of polyurethane foam is also affected by fillers and reinforcing agents.

So do you know where polyurethane foam is used in our lives?

In the morning, when we finished washing, we went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to fetch things. Have you ever wondered what the thick cabinet and door of the refrigerator are? This is polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam can prevent the heat exchange inside and outside the refrigerator. If there is no polyurethane, the compressor of the refrigerator is likely to roar endlessly!

When you come to the company and walk into the lobby, you will find that the solid wood floor is very shiny, like a mirror, that is, the floor is covered with a layer of polyurethane paint. If the wooden floor is not coated with polyurethane, it is likely to be worn!

After work, come to the sports field and prepare to exercise. The shoes you wear have a wear-resistant and comfortable sole, which are also made of polyurethane! The firm adhesion of polyurethane adhesive and upper makes your shoes more comfortable to wear.

Finally, let's take a look at the rubber track, the waste rubber crushed into small particles, if there is no polyurethane adhesive to bond them together, these small particles will fly like sand.

Seeing this, do you think that polyurethane has applications in all aspects of our lives? All in all, the application of polyurethane products is quite extensive. Although we may not realize it in our lives, it is indeed used in our lives and occupies an indispensable position. See you next time!