Do you know the role of polyurethane high pressure spraying machine in roof waterproofing and thermal insulation?
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Do you know the role of polyurethane high pressure spraying machine in roof waterproofing and thermal insulation?

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1. Unique impermeability:

Rigid foam is a dense microcellular foam with a closed cell rate of more than 92% and a smooth self-skin. It is an excellent anti-seepage material.

The rigid foam layer has no joints and is completely impermeable to water, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of roof water accumulation along the joints. The PU rigid foam layer can be firmly bonded to the base layer, and its bonding strength can exceed the tear strength of the foam itself, so that the PU rigid foam and the base layer are integrated, not easy to delaminate, and avoid water penetration along the layer. These characteristics are not available in many waterproof membranes, because it is said that the waterproof function of PU rigid foam is unique. The use of polyurethane high-pressure spraying machine can be used for rapid construction, and the uniform spraying makes the roof waterproof and thermal insulation more durable.

2. Good thermal insulation performance and remarkable energy saving effect.

The low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect of PU rigid foam are unmatched by other roof insulation materials. In general residential buildings, rigid foam is used as a waterproof and thermal insulation roof, and its thickness is only one-third of that of conventional materials. At present, many customers choose the construction method of polyurethane high-pressure spraying machine construction. The energy saving effect is more significant, and the thermal resistance is nearly three times.

3. The construction of polyurethane high pressure spraying machine helps the roof load to be light.

PU rigid foam has low density and light weight, so the roof bears light, and the load above the roof support plate, PU rigid foam roof is a quarter of the traditional roofing method, which is very important for improving the overall structure of the roof.

It is very important to reduce the engineering cost of the structure, so it is more suitable for large-span, thin-shell roof buildings.

4. The construction is convenient and the project progress is fast

The PU rigid foam roof adopts in-situ foam molding. Polyurethane high pressure spraying machine has simple construction equipment and easy operation. It can be sprayed or poured. Polyurethane high pressure sprayers can be used for any complex roofing job.

Generally 1-2 people operate, more than 1000 cubic meters can be sprayed every day. According to the thickness of the sprayed layer of 30mm, more than 700 square meters can be sprayed every day, which is ten times the laying efficiency of traditional materials. At the same time, the labor intensity is reduced, the working environment is improved, and the pollution to the environment is reduced. The on-site foaming expansion of PU rigid foam liquid raw materials is 15-18 times, and the transportation volume of raw materials is small. According to statistics, compared with the use of traditional materials, the cost of vehicle transportation can be reduced by more than 80%, and the workload of vertical transportation shifts on the construction site is also greatly reduced.

5. The engineering quality is good and the service life is long.

The excellent impermeability and lightweight properties of PU rigid foam lay the foundation for high-quality roofing projects. After the PU rigid foam is sprayed, a layer of polymer synthetic coating is sprayed on the Pu rigid foam, which not only protects and protects the PU rigid foam, but also acts as a waterproof. This fundamentally solves the most prominent roof penetration quality problem in current residential construction. Traditional roof insulation materials are easy to absorb water and moisture. The service life of conventional waterproofing membranes is very short and must be regularly repaired and replaced; while the service life of PU rigid foam can reach more than 10 years, the maintenance cost saved during the construction of polyurethane high-pressure spraying machine is Very impressive.