Definition of electrostatic sprayer
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Definition of electrostatic sprayer

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The effect of electrostatic spraying is realized by electrostatic spraying equipment. So, what kind of spraying equipment can be called an electrostatic sprayer? From the actual situation, there are many kinds of spray equipment, such as knapsack sprayer, boom sprayer, trolley sprayer, vehicle-mounted sprayer, electric sprayer, motorized sprayer, air blower sprayer, aviation sprayer and so on. No matter what kind of sprayer, any one that can realize the advantages of electrostatic spray can be called an electrostatic sprayer. On the contrary, it cannot be called an electrostatic sprayer, it can only be an ordinary sprayer.

Here, it involves a definition of electrostatic sprayer, namely: what is an electrostatic sprayer?

Throughout the decades of domestic academic research on electrostatic sprayers, it seems that there is no clear definition of electrostatic sprayers. This has to be said to be a major shortcoming.

Based on the experience, lessons and experience accumulated in the research of electrostatic sprayer in the past ten years, the author tried to draw an image of the electrostatic sprayer, and drew up the following definition: Electrostatic sprayer means that the sprayed droplets can generate significant static electricity Surround the sprayer with adsorption effect.