Construction method of polyurethane insulation
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Construction method of polyurethane insulation

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Rigid polyurethane foam is widely used in Europe and the United States for building roofs, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, and other thermal insulation materials because of its light weight, low thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, aging resistance, easy to bond with other substrates, and combustion does not produce dripping and other excellent properties.

There are two construction methods for polyurethane insulation:

One is spraying, i.e. workers spray polyurethane foam onto the wall with a spray gun, and pay attention to the spraying skills during the spraying process, because the expansion time of polyurethane foam is 30 seconds, so we should wait until the foam stops expanding and then start the next spraying, and when the wall is sprayed and finished, the excess foam will be removed with a motorized reciprocating saw, in order to make the whole wall more flat and beautiful.

The second method is the infusion method, first cover the structure of the keel with a layer of polyethylene plastic sheet, the plastic sheet can be temporarily fixed, and then lay a layer of fish scale wire mesh on the plastic sheet and fix it on the keel, so that the polyurethane can be poured.

Wall caulking spray foam polyurethane foam machine can be well bonded to the bottom wall of the wall to determine the stability of the insulation layer. The surface of the wall should be treated for interface. If there are empty barrels, peeling and other phenomena, it is necessary to wash and clean to ensure that the polyurethane spray insulation can be bonded to the wall surface.