Characteristics and application fields of polyurethane foaming machine
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Characteristics and application fields of polyurethane foaming machine

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For many new products and technologies, only those that have passed theoretical and practical tests are worth recommending. The same is true for polyurethane products. It is recommended that you weigh the relationship between price and value when purchasing polyurethane products. The self-discipline and standardization of the polyurethane market needs to be further strengthened.

At present, the application of polyurethane products includes three areas: clothing, sporting goods and daily necessities.

1. Clothing field: Its representative product is a comfortable, soft, flexible, and elastic spandex elastic fiber with freedom of design.

2. Life field: In addition to powder puffs, pantyhose and socks for women's makeup, it is also used in ski shirts and swimwear. Its amazing elongation has been widely used.

3. Entertainment: In sports products such as skis and yachts, polyurethane coatings are selected for their excellent wear resistance and weather resistance. Rigid foam is light in weight and has good wear resistance, and is the core material for skis and surfboards. Polyurethane elastomer has excellent elasticity and wear resistance, and can be used as the sole of sports shoes.

With the development of the times, polyurethane foaming machines are more and more favored by users. The foam and matrix of polyurethane foaming machines have strong bonding strength and high system safety. Rigid polyurethane foam is made by in-situ foaming of liquid raw materials, with fast construction speed and low labor intensity. When the wall is externally insulated, the surface is dense, no joints, good waterproof effect, good overall performance, and the effect of integrated waterproof and thermal insulation.

Polyurethane has the following characteristics:

①High mechanical strength and good oxidation stability;

②High flexibility;

There are many excellent properties of polyurethane foaming machine, and there is a wide range of applications. Polyurethane foaming machine has a wide range of applications in civil engineering, geological drilling, mining and petroleum engineering in my country, mainly used to strengthen buildings Stable and used as a roadbed stability, polyurethane foaming machines are also widely used in campus runways in our country, mainly used as playground runways and indoor grounds in buildings.

Polyurethane foaming machine is actually a kind of equipment specially used for processing polyurethane foam. Its foaming efficiency is high, the use effect is good, and it can produce qualified foam products.

The above is the introduction of the advantages and application fields of the polyurethane foaming machine shared by the editor today. Think about it carefully. The application range of the polyurethane foaming machine in our lives is quite wide. The shoes we wear and the track There are polyurethane products on the runway and on the ground, so what other applications do you know about polyurethane?