Characteristics and advantages of polyurethane pultrusion process
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Characteristics and advantages of polyurethane pultrusion process

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In recent years, polyurethane resins have made their composites stand out due to their good toughness, fast curing speed, and no styrene smoke. With people's mastery of polyurethane molding technology and progress in controlling its reactivity to extend its service life, polyurethane has long entered the field of composite materials dominated by unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins. In the past, polyurethane composite materials were mainly automotive interior and exterior parts produced by SRIM, such as pickup trunks, car floors, luggage racks, and inner door panels. (Polyurethane foam). However, in recent years, polyurethane composite materials have developed technologies such as pultrusion, winding, vacuum filling and long fiber spraying. Mainly use non-foamed polyurethane composite materials to make window frames, bathtubs, telephone poles, and large parts for trucks and off-road vehicles.

Polyurethane pultrusion molding characteristics: Polyurethane pultrusion molding generally has low viscosity, medium to high reactivity, good impact strength and toughness, and short beam shear performance.

Compared with other materials, polyurethane pultrusion can produce many benefits. It can increase the content of glass fiber in the product and greatly improve the strength of the product. For example, the strength of the window frame obtained by pultrusion of glass fiber and polyurethane resin is 8 times higher than that of polyvinyl chloride window frame, and the conductivity is 40 times lower than that of aluminum, so its heat insulation performance is better. At the same time, because polyurethane pultruded window frames are not too brittle, they will not crack and are durable.

High-performance polyurethane/glass fiber composite material is a kind of high-strength, high-modulus, lightweight polymer composite material produced by continuous pultrusion process with high-hardness polyurethane elastomer as the matrix material and glass fiber as the reinforcing material.

Compared with traditional materials, polyurethane pultrusion technology products not only have higher strength and better heat insulation effect, but also lighter and more environmentally friendly. Its application fields are very wide, from the original gorgeous bathtub, to surfing and snowboarding, to today's innovative applications such as window frames and container floors. Polyurethane composite materials have been integrated into all aspects of our daily lives.